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[News] More GNU/Linux Literature Coming Out

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FREE online edition of Linux+ magazine 

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux+ is going to release FREE online editon 
| of their magazine. There will be 6 monthly 
| issues with 60 pages each available for free 
| download. They are looking for your support!


Must have Linux books for Christmas

,----[ Quote ]
| The gift giving season is right around the 
| corner and if you have any geeky relatives or 
| friends, then this list of Linux books to buy 
| for Christmas is a good reference. 



Linux New Media Launches Ubuntu User Magazine

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux New Media USA, LLC, announces the launch of a new print publication,
| Ubuntu User magazine.
| Canonical's popular Ubuntu operating system continues to win followers around
| the world, and Ubuntu User is the first print magazine specifically for this
| rapidly growing audience. "Ubuntu is popular with software developers and IT
| professionals, but it is also a hit with hobbyists and other desktop users
| who are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Windows and don't want the
| restrictive hardware policies of Apple," says Joe Casad, Editor in Chief of
| Ubuntu User.


PCLinuxOS Magazine, Special issue

,----[ Quote ]
| PCLinuxOS Magazine, Special issue (Issue 29) is available to download. You
| can find it at the PCLinuxOS Magazine website. If you'd like to be informed
| immediately about our releases, please signup for the Magazine-Announce
| mailing list .


Full Circle Magazine: Issue 25

,----[ Quote ]
| This month, weâve got some good stuff for you. Coming your way is all the
| usual, including:
| * Command and Conquer - Shell History.
| * How To: Test Drive VirtualBox, Increase Game Speed In X, and Inkscape -
| Part 2.


Microsoft layoff details emerge

,----[ Quote ]
| More details are emerging today about the Microsoft groups affected, and
| spared, in the company's latest round of job cuts. The company isn't going
| into detail, but blogs and forums are providing plenty of evidence. Layoffs
| are reported to have taken place in groups including MSN Direct, the Massive
| in-game advertising unit, and MSDN Magazine, among others.


Microsoft crimps products after second wave of job cuts

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is reining in several of its products following the company's
| second round of lay-offs that kicked off on Tuesday.
| [...]
| Similarly, MSN Direct - which provides weather, traffic and other services to
| devices such as in-car map systems - is also under review.

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