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[News] New Free Software from Google But Also GNU/Linux Discrimination (Gizmo5)

  • Subject: [News] New Free Software from Google But Also GNU/Linux Discrimination (Gizmo5)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:31:20 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Reducing HTTP latency with SPDY

,----[ Quote ]
| Google unveiled an experimental open source 
| project in early November aimed at reducing 
| web site load times. SPDY, as it is called, 
| is a modification to HTTP designed to 
| target specific, real-world latency issues 
| without altering GET, POST, or any other 
| request semantics, and without requiring 
| changes to page content or network 
| infrastructure. It does this by 
| implementing request prioritization, stream 
| multiplexing, and header compression. 
| Results from tests on a SPDY-enabled Chrome 
| and a SPDY web server show a reduction in 
| load times of up to 60%.


The Apertium Project's First Google Summer of Code

,----[ Quote ]
| The Apertium Project works on open-source 
| machine translation and language 
| technology. We try to focus our efforts on 
| lesser-resourced and marginalized 
| languages, but also work with larger 
| languages. To date, we have released 
| translators for 21 language pairs, covering 
| languages spoken by 1.1 billion people, 
| ranging from English (est. 500m speakers) 
| to Aranese (est. 4,000 speakers). A similar 
| number of additional language pairs are in 
| development. The Apertium software is 
| licensed under the GPL, but in addition (a 
| rarer situation in the machine translation 
| field) so is the data for all these 
| language pairs. This means that the data 
| can be re-used by other language projects 
| (e.g. in developing spelling or grammar 
| checkers, thesauri, etc). 


Google Eliminates Gizmo5 Client For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| "Evidence on the Gizmo5 forum (login 
| required) confirms that since Google's 
| takeover of Gizmo5, only the Windows, Mac, 
| and iPhone clients are available for 
| download from the official Web page. The 
| Linux download link no longer works. This 
| is a potential problem for happy Linux 
| users with paid-up credit in their Gizmo5 
| accounts if they need to reinstall the 
| software. A back-door download is still 
| available, although it is speculated on the 
| forums that it will go away soon. Does this 
| mean that (as with other Google projects 
| such as Google Talk) Linux will be the poor 
| relation for Google Voice also?"



Behind the Scenes With a Google Summer of Code Student

,----[ Quote ]
| The dust has settled and all of the Google Summer of Code 2009
| (GSoC) students are getting back into the swing of school and
| jobs, but the experience they gained from participating in the
| project will last a lifetime. It's a great opportunity for
| aspiring developers to pair up with a mentor in the community
| to help them learn the ropes and understand what FOSS
| development is all about.


What I Did On My Summer Holiday

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Summer of Code has again been a huge success for KDE
| this year. 37 out of 38 projects were finished
| successfully. Much of the work done during these projects
| is already merged into trunk and will be available for the
| users with the KDE 4.4 release in January 2010. Thanks to
| all students and mentors for their great work! Below you
| will find a short interview with each of the students,
| asking them about the cool things they have been working on
| for the past few months.

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