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Re: Anecdote: KNode Never Crashes

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____/ Lusotec on Friday 04 Dec 2009 01:48 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> It has just occurred to me that since I moved to KDE4 (around September)
>> KNode has not crashed on me and I have used it a lot... many times for
>> hundreds of hours of intensive operation.
>> I know that Microsoft love to claim that Free software is not suitable for
>> critical things, but given that CERN too (LHC) uses KDE, what gives?
>> In general... KDE4 is extremely robust. How does Vista 7 work, stability
> I have been using KDE4 since 4.0, by the way of Mandriva Cooker and Release
> repositories, and since 4.3 most applications are very very stable.
> The most recent crash was by Dolphin, the file manager. That was the only
> time Dolphin crashed for me. Looking at the bugs I reported in bugs.kde.org,
> I see seven other crashes for 4.3+.
> Since I report every KDE application crash to bugs.kde.org, eight crashes in
> the months I have been using it is not bad at all, and I'm not a light user,
> with more than a dozen applications running at all times spread over nine
> virtual desktops.
> Regards.

Plasma-desktop leaks some memory, which adds up after a few days (like Firefox),
so I find myself needing to restart plasma-desktop. No biggie...

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