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Re: Anecdote: KNode Never Crashes

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____/ Lusotec on Friday 04 Dec 2009 20:17 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Plasma-desktop leaks some memory, which adds up after a few days (like
>> Firefox), so I find myself needing to restart plasma-desktop. No biggie...
> In my current setup Plasma-desktop does not leak memory, at least not in any
> significant level, but I did notice leakage when trying the many plasmoids
> available to see what I liked.
> As for Firefox, it normally leaks slowly and after a several days when it
> using around 150 MB I restart it, but with some extensions active I have
> seen it grow to 800 MB in a few hours.
> What eats memory like candy is nepomuk, especially its storage service.
> Also, when it first starts indexing it makes a noticeable demand on the
> system. Lowering its IO and CPU priority completely made it unnoticeable
> (apart from the disks LEDs blinking) but that should be done by default.

The brand new microblogging plasmoid (since 4.3) still has some bugs too.

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