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Re: [News] List of GNU/Linux Features That Windows is Still Missing

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____/ JeffM on Saturday 05 Dec 2009 08:16 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> 10 Linux features Windows should have by default
>>|many would argue
>>|that Compiz is nothing more than eye candy.
> Yeah.  Though Roy chose to blockquote that section,
> I found the stuff about Compiz
> to be the least interesting part of the article.
> Item 8 ("one version and one price") was more on-point
> --though he didn't mention that even Apphole does it this way.
> Item 4 glossed over the ease of using a package manager
> vs the M$ way of getting and installing apps.
> What was strongest about this blog was his talking about
> how M$ tries to bleed you dry at every turn.
> My favorite line was
> "Microsoft doesnât include any useful applications".
> He said a lot about needing 3rd-party apps
> --though he missed an opportunity to mention those
> when he cited dmesg in Item 10.
> Overall, a good A - B advocacy article.

The thing about Linux is, even if you need extra software, you can fetch it all with
a single command or one visit to the GUI where you tick the software you like.

Recently it was shown that it can take 20 to set up Vista 7 (source: Microsoft).

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