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[News] Media and Free Software Symbiosis

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Boxeeâs Open Attempt to Crack the Closed World of Content

,----[ Quote ]
| Boxee, the popular open-source media center 
| platform, will signal its long-term 
| strategy this Monday with the launch of a 
| new consumer electronics device on which 
| the platform will run â the Boxee Box. In 
| the meantime, NewTeeVee reported today that 
| Boxee is also adding the Clicker app, which 
| provides slick program guide and search 
| features, to its software. And the company 
| continues to strike new deals with content 
| providers.


What Journalists Can Learn From the FOSS Community

,----[ Quote ]
| Clearly Linux and open source software is 
| catching on at both the enterprise and 
| consumer level. Now its up to or community 
| to make sure the journalists that are not 
| covering the tech beat have the information 
| they need to cover future stories well. 
| What's the best way to achieve this? What 
| can projects and individual members of the 
| open source community do to help sensibly 
| and tactfully educate mainstream media? Let 
| me know in the comments.


Mudra Optimizes Use of Under-utilized Studios

,----[ Quote ]
| Once Joseph addressed these challenges, the 
| project went live in February 2009. The 
| completely Open Source solution brought 
| many benefits to Mudra. It led to efficient 
| job allocation and re-assigning of jobs 
| based on workloads. Now each stakeholder 
| can ascertain the status of a job through a 
| dashboard and studio managers can see job 
| queue, operator-wise workloads, etcetera. 



IETF working towards royalty-free audio codec

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly one dozen developers want to
| standardise a royalty-free and non-patented
| audio codec for internet applications with
| the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
| Among them is the chief developer of the Ogg
| Speex and Ogg CELT open source audio
| formats, Jean-Marc Valin. The formation of a
| new working group was agreed at a meeting of
| the internet standards organisation in
| Hiroshima. The new working group is to
| evaluate various proposals by Valin and
| other developers and combine them into a
| standards document.

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