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[News] Backlash Against Patents in More Areas, Sites

  • Subject: [News] Backlash Against Patents in More Areas, Sites
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 13:31:10 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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An Objectivist Recants on IP

,----[ Quote ]
| To cut a long thing short, the moment I 
| realised that there is a conflict between 
| rights to intellectual property and rights 
| to physical property, I also realised that 
| something is wrong about the whole thing. 
| Such a contradiction usually means that 
| something is wrong with the premises of 
| the person facing the contradiction - me.
| Restricting a person from giving physical 
| shape to an idea he has in his mind is 
| clearly a violation of his Liberty and 
| Property Rights. However, this is 
| precisely what implementation of IP means. 
| IP proponents typically tent to retort 
| saying that what I am calling "violation 
| of Liberty and Property Rights" is 
| actually implementation of the property 
| rights of the owner of the idea/pattern 
| that is the subject of the IP.
| If it is true that in the name of 
| protecting Intellectual Property Rights, 
| one is actually violating the Liberty of 
| some individuals, in effect one is also 
| saying that the holders of Intellectual 
| Property have an undefined lien on the 
| Liberty of the individuals of the other 
| part. Translated, this gives some 
| individuals the right to enslave others by 
| virtue of being holders of Intellectual 
| Property rights. This made the notion all 
| the more bizarre to me. It was in direct 
| contradiction of the most basic principles 
| of Objectivism that no man may claim the 
| right to initiate force against another. 


RIM faces U.S. trade complaint over BlackBerry

,----[ Quote ]
| Research In Motion Ltd., the maker of the 
| BlackBerry phone, is facing a patent-
| infringement complaint with a U.S. trade 
| agency that may result in the devices 
| being banned from the U.


Microsoft talks about algorithms as mathematics?

Mathematical Notation Gets an Upgrade

,----[ Quote ]
| For 70 years, mathematicians have been 
| stuck on the Halting Problem: Computers 
| occasionally hang on one line of code and 
| fail to move on to the next, and no one 
| can reliably predict when that will 
| happen. (The result is the unending 
| hourglass or pinwheel of death.) But a few 
| years ago, Microsoft researcher Byron Cook 
| and his colleagues did the unthinkable â 
| they hacked a fix. When Cook tried to 
| describe the workaround, however, he found 
| it impossible to explain with existing 
| mathematical symbols.


Virgin Media smites TV software patents


(Partial) Political Breakthrough: Conclusions On An Enhanced Patent System In Europe

,----[ Quote ]
| Today was the final day of the 2982nd 
| Competitiveness (Internal market, Industry 
| and Research) EU Council meeting and, as 
| expected, some important political signal 
| was sent out.
| In particular, the EU Council has agreed 
| on a number of conclusions on the main 
| features of the European and EU Patents 
| Court. On the EU patent they should form 
| part of the overall final agreement on a 
| package of measures for an Enhanced Patent 
| System in Europe comprising the creation 
| of a European and EU Patents Court 

| (EEUPC), an EU patent, including the 
| separate regulation on certain special 
| translation arrangements, an Enhanced 
| Partnership between the European Patent 
| Office and central industrial property 
| offices of Member States and, to the 
| extent necessary, amendments to the 
| European Patent Convention (EPC).



Cox [patent maximalist] is favourite to replace McCreevy in EU Commission

,----[ Quote ]
| The former President of the European Parliament Pat Cox has emerged as the
| new favourite to replace Charlie McCreevy as EU Commissioner this autumn.
| Mr Cox is probably the only Irish figure that could command an influential
| portfolio  and appointing him would avoid a by-election that the government
| couldn't win.

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