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[News] [Rival] What Philip Morris and Gates Foundation Have in Common

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] What Philip Morris and Gates Foundation Have in Common
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 13:40:08 +0000
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University of Colorado at Boulder Falls Prey to Philip Morris' Strategic Philanthropy

,----[ Quote ]
| Notwithstanding that a federal court in 
| 2006 found Philip Morris guilty of 
| engaging in 50 years of public fraud and 
| racketeering, a peer-reviewed study of 
| tobacco industry documents conducted by 
| the University of California San 
| Francisco's Center for Tobacco Control 
| Research and Education looked at why 
| tobacco companies so robustly promote Life 
| Skills Training.


WHO officially announces the $10 million grant of the Gates Foundation to promote tobacco control in Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| We had previously informed our readers of 
| this grant awarded in August. The press 
| release does not provide details about the 
| way the funds will be managed, the type of 
| governance that will be -eventually 
| chosen-, what African NGOs will eventually 
| participate, how transparency and 
| accountability will be implemented, issues 
| that are very important and were 
| specifically addressed by the Gates 
| Foundation in the $7 million project 
| awarded to the American Cancer Society.


Jeffrey Drope of Marquette University is awarded approximately $118.300 to organize the data collected by the ATSA teams

,----[ Quote ]
| This contract was apparently signed in 
| June 2009. Its size is substantial: $451K 
| represent about 8,5% of the global budget 
| of $5.2 millions provided to IDRC by the 
| Gates Foundation.
| The post on the IDRC's site does not say 
| what the participation of the African 
| advocates is and if they'll receive any 
| part of the financial support that is 
| given to Jeffrey Drope (who had previously 
| been awarded smaller consulting 
| contracts).
| Jeffrey Drope is the brother of Jacqui 
| Drope who is the senior program officer of 
| the ATSA program. Her name usually appears 
| when ATSA grants are advertised but in 
| this case it is replaced by Greg Hallen 
| (new RITC program leader).



Gates Foundation Investments Often Don't Jibe With Philanthropic Priorities

,----[ Quote ]
| In the first article, the newspaper notes that the Gates Foundation has
| invested in companies like Chevron Corporation, Eni, Exxon Mobil Corporation,
| Royal Dutch Shell, and Totalâall responsible for gas flares that pollute the
| Niger Delta, shooting out chemicals and soot that may be causing the regionâs
| alarmingly high rates of respiratory diseases, cancer, and blurred vision and
| also lowering immunityâwhile the foundation is making grants to fight disease
| in Africa.
| In the second article, the newspaper notes that Gates is heavily invested in
| companies that have ties to tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- Truth Revealed Part 2


Dark cloud over good works of Gates Found


Gates Foundation Revokes Pledge to Review Portfolio

,----[ Quote ]
| ...the Gates Foundation took down their public statement on this
| and replaced it with a significantly altered version which seems to
| say that investing responsibly would just be too complex for them
| and that they need to focus on their core mission: 'There are
| dozens of factors that could be considered, almost all of which
| are outside the foundation's areas of expertise. The issues
| involved are quite complex...


Gates Foundationâs Influence Criticized

,----[ Quote ]
| The chief of malaria for the World Health Organization has complained that
| the growing dominance of malaria research by the Bill and Melinda Gates
| Foundation risks stifling a diversity of views among scientists and wiping
| out the world health agencyâs policy-making function.

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