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[News] Europe's Patent System at Jeopardy, Microsoft Satisfied

  • Subject: [News] Europe's Patent System at Jeopardy, Microsoft Satisfied
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 07 Dec 2009 21:27:39 +0000
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Ministers lick problem of pan-EU patents - almost

,----[ Quote ]
| European ministers have reached agreement 
| on a new EU-wide patent structure after 
| lengthy negotiations but have failed to 
| find a way past the biggest obstacle to an 
| EU-wide patent: the cost of translation.
| Ministers have approved a new litigation 
| system to deal with a new Europe-wide 
| patent in a deal that will still require 
| the approval of the European Parliament and 
| the Court of Justice of the European Union 
| (CJEU).


EU Pushes On With Single European Patent Plan

,----[ Quote ]
| Companies including Microsoft have been 
| pushing for a more international approach 
| to patents. In September, Microsoft's 
| Horacio Gutierrez corporate vice president 
| and deputy general counsel said that over 
| 3.5 million patent applications are pending 
| around the world, including over 750,000 in 
| the U.S - and the costs and time-delays are 
| too high at present. A single global patent 
| system would ease the burden on companies 
| and patent offices.
| "In todayâs world of universal 
| connectivity, global business and 
| collaborative innovation, it is time for a 
| world patent that is derived from a single 
| patent application, examined and prosecuted 
| by a single examining authority and 
| litigated before a single judicial body," 
| he said.
| In 2006, Microsoft and Linux-distribution 
| owner Novell signed an interoperability 
| collaboration agreement which included some 
| protection relating to Microsoft's 
| ownership of intellectual property in the 
| open source operating system. 



Virgin Media wins Gemstar EPG ruling

,----[ Quote ]
| Virgin Media has succeeded in the patent dispute
| brought against it by Gemstar TV Guide. The
| London High Court rulings call into question the
| ability for intellectual property rights holder
| Rovi to enforce its patents both in the UK and
| with operators around the world.
| Gemstar, now part of Rovi, had claimed the
| cablenetâs EPG had breached three patents â EP
| 0969662, EP 1377049 and EP 1613066 â which were
| involved in the display and transfer of
| programme information and metadata. BSkyB,
| Foxtel, Portugal Telecom, Sky Italia and UPC
| Broadband have all signed up to Roviâs patent
| programme.

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