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[News] More Illegal Practices from the Intellectual Monopolists

  • Subject: [News] More Illegal Practices from the Intellectual Monopolists
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 02:13:28 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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DigiProtect Now Handing Pre-Settlement Threat Amounts Over To Collections Agencies

,----[ Quote ]
| They're now sending out these letters at a 
| massive rate, and while they're not 
| actually filing lawsuits, it appears that 
| at least one of the firms involved, 
| DigiProtect, is getting a collections 
| agency involved in some cases. That seems 
| pretty nasty. There's no actual debt here, 
| because the person has not agreed to pay 
| up, but by handing it over to a 
| collections agency, the person will now 
| get hounded with demands for payment. It's 
| difficult to see how this is even close to 
| legal.


Music Publishers Lawsuit Against Yahoo, Microsoft, Real Tossed For Failing To Prove They Hold Copyrights

,----[ Quote ]
| In some cases, those rights are still held 
| by independent music publishers -- and 
| there was a fair amount of confusion over 
| who owned what. It was a perfect example 
| of how ridiculous copyright law is today 
| that even in setting up a big music 
| operation from a major company with the 
| major record labels, no one was exactly 
| sure if all the proper rights were 
| secured. 


IFPI Use IPRED To Demand File-Sharer Info For The First Time

,----[ Quote ]
| Music industry group IFPI has today 
| submitted a request to the Stockholm 
| District Court to force an ISP to hand 
| over the personal details of an alleged 
| file-sharer. The action marks the first 
| time a request has been made by the 
| organization under the IPRED legislation 
| introduced in April.


Artists' lawsuit: major record labels are the real pirates

,----[ Quote ]
| Between $50 million and $6 billion may be 
| owed to musicians and artists in Canada, 
| but not from your run-of-the-mill file 
| sharers. The Canadian recording industry 
| itself is being accused of massive 
| copyright infringement, and the list of 
| miffed artists just keeps getting longer. 


How Team Tenenbaum missed a chance to shape P2P fair use law

,----[ Quote ]
| A federal judge has made it official: P2P 
| file-swapper Joel Tenenbaum is on the hook 
| for $675,000. The real tragedy here, 
| though, is what might have been, as the 
| judge admits she was receptive to all 
| kinds of limited fair use claims and again 
| slams the record industry's lawsuit 
| campaign.



P2P Pre-Settlement Letters In Germany May Have Been Illegal; Lawyer
Who Reveals This Threatened With Lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| There have been plenty of legal questions
| over the activities of a small group of
| companies in Europe, including law firm
| Davenport Lyons, ACS:Law, Logistep and
| Digiprotect among others -- who all seem to
| work together to purposely put files online
| that they have licensed, and then send
| threat letters to the owner of any IP
| address that connects to them. This leads
| to a fair number of totally bogus demands
| for people to pay up to avoid getting sued.
| Apparently, the business is quite
| profitable, even as no actual lawsuits have
| been filed.
| [...]
| After a German lawyer, Thomas Stadler,
| reviewed all this and posted his analysis
| saying that the efforts in Germany were
| clearly illegal under German law (Google
| translation from the original) , the German
| lawyer who had sent the original document
| (the leaked one, detailing how these
| operations worked), Udo Kornmeier sent him
| a cease-and-desist letter (again, Google
| translation from the original), demanding
| he take down his blog post that showed the
| whole operation was illegal. Apparently,
| lawyers who may be breaking the law in
| Germany don't like other lawyers exposing
| them...

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