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[News] Signs of Police State, Loss of Personal Freedom

  • Subject: [News] Signs of Police State, Loss of Personal Freedom
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 19:51:53 +0000
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Police closing pubs for 'inadequate CCTV coverage'

,----[ Quote ]
| From the Lancashire Evening Post we learn 
| that police in Preston have been closing 
| down popular pubs and clubs on account of 
| them having 'inadequate security camera 
| coverage'.


Average speed cameras installed in neighbourhoods for the first time

,----[ Quote ]
| A new generation of average speed cameras 
| that will police 20mph zones in 
| residential areas are to come into force 
| in the New Year after they were approved 
| by the government.


Photographers and anti-terrorism: The holiday snaps that 
could get you arrested

,----[ Quote ]
| At a Downing Street news conference 
| earlier this year, Gordon Brown found 
| himself flummoxed by a question from a 
| foreign journalist. He was asked what 
| impression the rest of the world was 
| getting of civil liberties in Britain now 
| that tourists could be arrested for taking 
| a photograph of a building. Mr Brown 
| responded: "I don't accept that is the 
| true picture of Britain at all." He then 
| moved on, having dismissed the question as 
| beneath contempt.


The pernicious rise of the CRB Stasi

,----[ Quote ]
| The Daily Mail are reporting that Manor 
| Community College in Cambridge is to ban 
| any visitor who has not been checked by 
| the Criminal Records Bureau. 


Was Kelly Killed? A question that may put Chilcott in the shade

,----[ Quote ]
| After I read Norman Baker's book on The 
| Strange Death of David Kelly I was 
| convinced that he was probably killed - 
| and not by his own hand. Baker's own 
| theory of who did it struck me as 
| implausable and the book is uneven and 
| frustrating and includes unworthy 
| inuendoes. But the defining and scandalous 
| fact is this: there was no coronor's 
| inquest into what was a highly significant 
| death. We know that Blair took us to war 
| and misled the country to justify his 
| decision. We don't know why and how Kelly, 
| the UK's foremost active weapons inspector 
| in Iraq who hated Saddam and also hated 
| the way the evidence to justify invasion 
| was being tampered with, died.


Expect libel reform now that MPs are affected

,----[ Quote ]
| Therefore as a result of MPs now finding 
| themselves liable under the libel law I 
| conclude that libel reform is set to 
| become a top priority on the legislative 
| agenda. You read it here first!


Bruce Schneier on the Future of Privacy

,----[ Quote ]
| Schneier believes a step change is coming. 
| We live in a unique time: cameras are 
| everywhere AND we can see them; identity 
| checks happen all the time AND we know 
| theyâre happening. However technology is a 
| great distrupter of equilibriums and 
| Mooreâs law is a friend of intrusive 
| tools. Soon face-recognition software will 
| obviate the need to carry ID â when you 
| walk into your workplace theyâll already 
| know who you are and whether youâre 
| supposed to be there.


New DNA rules may still breach human rights

,----[ Quote ]
| The government's plans to limit DNA 
| retention from those arrested but not 
| charged or convicted may not go far 
| enough, 
| according to the body that ensures human 
| rights rulings are obeyed.


If people are rude to the police itâs a bad signâ

,----[ Quote ]
| But have things now changed? Are people in 
| general less happy now with identifying 
| themselves and cooperating with the 
| police? Is there any research on this?


How stranger danger changed the way children play

,----[ Quote ]
| This play was unsupervised by mum or dad 
| and children were free to go on adventures 
| far from home. Sadly this world of 
| independent child's play has today largely 
| vanished. One of the important reasons for 
| this decline is the inexorable rise of 
| stranger danger and child abduction in 
| modern Britain. 


New Study Reveals Most Children Unrepentant Sociopaths

,----[ Quote ]
| A study published Monday in The Journal Of 
| Child Psychology And Psychiatry has 
| concluded that an estimated 98 percent of 
| children under the age of 10 are 
| remorseless sociopaths with little regard 
| for anything other than their own 
| egocentric interests and pleasures.

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