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[News] Germany Pays for Microsoft Incompetence

  • Subject: [News] Germany Pays for Microsoft Incompetence
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 20:11:46 +0000
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Germany funds Microsoft stuff-ups 

,----[ Quote ]
| THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT has decided to spend 
| a lot of its citizens' tax money helping 
| them recover from malware directed at 
| Microsoft machines.
| Spiegel Online reports that the government 
| wants to prop up another industry giant. 
| The German Federal Office for Information 
| Security (BSI) plans to team up with 
| Internet service providers (ISPs) to 
| establish a call centre helping Windows 
| users who have malware problems.


Glyn Moody: "sends exactly the wrong signal: gives permission to code badly #security"


Microsoft to Get Malware Bailout in Germany

,----[ Quote ]
| With the economic crisis still being in 
| full effect, Germany wants to throw 
| government money at another industry 
| giant. However, this time it is not an 
| ailing car manufacturer, but the software 
| producer Microsoft. The German Federal 
| Office for Information Security (BSI) 
| plans to team up with internet service 
| providers (ISPs) to establish a call 
| center helping malware-troubled Windows 
| users.
| The project was announced today at the 
| German IT summit in Stuttgart. Starting in 
| 2010, ISPs will track down customers with 
| infected PCs, e.g., by looking for 
| communication with botnet controllers. 
| These customers will then be directed to a 
| special website offering advice on 
| removing the malware. If this is 
| unsuccessful (or the site is blocked by 
| the malware), people will get access to a 
| call center, where a staff of about 40 
| will try to fix the problem.


Germany pays to fix Microsoft users' computers

,----[ Quote ]
| The German government has allocated a 
| secret budget to fund call-centers to help 
| Windows users whose PCs are infected with 
| malware. Microsoft's support costs are 
| thus being borne at taxpayer expense.


German government plans to fund Microsoft malware bailout



DE: Interior minister: 'Open source reduces vendor lock-in and monopolies'

,----[ Quote ]
| Using open source helps to avoid being locked-in by IT vendors
| and prevents IT services monopolies, says Wolfgang SchÃuble,
| Germany's minister of the Interior.
| "Free software has several other benefits, such as increasing
| the security of IT, because the source code can be verified,
| and enhancement of innovation, because anyone can participate
| in the development of such software", SchÃuble writes on
| Abgeordnetewatch.

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