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[News] Censorship of the Web and General Abuse (Reminders of Freedom Value)

  • Subject: [News] Censorship of the Web and General Abuse (Reminders of Freedom Value)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 16:23:04 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Mandelson's Power to Censor the Net

,----[ Quote ]
| Hidden away inside the Bill, there's 
| unlimited - and arbitrary - censorship of 
| any site the Secretary of State takes 
| against:
|     Surely something must limit this power 
|     you ask? It seems not. The Secretary of 
|     State may make an order if "he considers 
|     it appropriate" in view of:
|     (a) an assessment carried out or steps 
|     taken by OFCOM under section 124G; or 
|     (b) any other consideration.
|     Where "any other consideration" could be 
|     anything. To their credit the Tories do 
|     seem to have realised that this 
|     particular alternative is overly 
|     permissive. Lord Howard of Rising and 
|     Lord de Mauley have proposed (in the 
|     first tranche of amendments proposed 
|     that the "or" be replaced by an "and".
|     What astonishes me is that there is no 
|     obligation for the Secretary of STate to 
|     even publish such an order, let alone 
|     subject it to the scrutiny of 
|     Parliament, yet he could fundamentally 
|     change the way the internet operates 
|     using it. Other orders made under other 
|     parts of the Bill will have to be made 
|     by statutory instrument and most will 
|     require Parliamentary approval. Not this 
|     one.
| If this goes through, we are in deep 
| trouble, people....


Politicians Investigating Leaks Sites... Not Leaks


Lawmakers Want to Bar Sites From Posting Sensitive Government Docs

,----[ Quote ]
| Three Republican lawmakers have asked the 
| Department of Homeland Security what can be 
| done to bar or criminally penalize 
| whistleblower sites that reposted a 
| sensitive airport-screening manual that was 
| published on the internet by a government 
| worker.


Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border

,----[ Quote ]
| My friend, the wonderful sf writer Peter 
| Watts was beaten without provocation and 
| arrested by US border guards on Tuesday. I 
| heard about it early Wednesday morning in 
| London and called Cindy Cohn, the legal 
| director of the Electronic Frontier 
| Foundation. She worked her contacts to get 
| in touch with civil rights lawyers in 
| Michigan, and we mobilized with Caitlin 
| Sweet (Peter's partner) and David Nickle 
| (Peter's friend) and Peter was arraigned and 
| bailed out later that day.
| But now Peter faces a felony rap for 
| "assaulting a federal officer" (Peter and 
| the witness in the car say he didn't do a 
| thing, and I believe them). Defending this 
| charge will cost a fortune, and an 
| inadequate defense could cost Peter his 
| home, his livelihood and his liberty. 


Google CEO says privacy doesn't matter. Google blacklists CNet for violating CEO's privacy.

,----[ Quote ]
| But JWZ has the kicker, when he reminds us 
| that Eric Schmidt's Google blackballed 
| CNet's reporters after CNet published 
| personal information about Schmidt's private 
| life: ""Google representatives have 
| instituted a policy of not talking with CNET 
| News reporters until July 2006 in response 
| to privacy issues raised by a previous 
| story..." "To underscore its point about how 
| much personal information is available, the 
| CNET report published some personal 
| information about Google's CEO Eric Schmidt 
| -- his salary; his neighborhood, some of his 
| hobbies and political donations -- all 
| obtained through Google searches...."
| Hey, Eric: if you don't want us to know how 
| much money you make, where you live, and 
| what you do with your spare time, maybe you 
| shouldn't have a house, earn a salary, or 
| have any hobbies, right? 


US games company sues British blogger

,----[ Quote ]
| Evony's owners, who boast that the game has 
| more than 11 million players worldwide, have 
| accused Everiss â a 30-year veteran of the 
| computer games industry â of damaging their 
| reputation with a series of claims made on 
| his blog. Among the allegations that Evony 
| is objecting to are claims that the game is 
| exploitative and has links to another 
| company that is already being sued for fraud 
| by Microsoft.


Tiger Woods gags British media

,----[ Quote ]
| Golfer wins injunction banning reporting of 
| new details about personal life that were 
| widely available in US


Famous architecture photographer swarmed by multiple police vehicles in London for refusing to tell security guard why he was photographing famous church

,----[ Quote ]
| A crack squad of London cops -- three cars 
| and a riot van -- converged on a famous 
| architectural photographer who was taking a 
| picture of Christopher Wren's 300 year old 
| Christ Church spire. Grant Smith, the 
| photographer, refused to tell a Bank of 
| America security guard what he was doing (he 
| wasn't on B of A property) and so the guard 
| called in the police. When the police 
| arrived, Smith was searched and questioned 
| under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act. 


Police snapper silliness reaches new heights

,----[ Quote ]
| We were not especially impressed by their 
| sending of seven officers in three cars and 
| a riot van to deal with architectural 
| photographer, Grant Smith, caught filming a 
| church in the City of London. This was 
| overkill, but alongside Kentâs arrest of a 
| photographer for being too tall, as well as 
| interference by various forces with assorted 
| schoolboys, trainspotters and Austrian 
| tourists, it was but small beer.


Police stop church photographer under terrorism powers


Schneier: Steps to combat file-sharing are misguided 

,----[ Quote ]
| Leading security expert Bruce Schneier was 
| in London this week on a whirlwind lecture 
| tour. ZDNet UK caught up with the ex-NSA 
| man, who is now BT's chief security 
| technology officer, at lectures in 
| parliament and at University College London.
| Schneier talked to ZDNet UK about his views 
| on behavioural advertising, the efforts of 
| various governments to tackle unlawful file-
| sharing, cyber-warfare and vendor lock-in.


Forget DVD Rentals for $1 a Day; How About 6 Cents an Hour? 

,----[ Quote ]
| If Redbox is set to destroy the Hollywood 
| with $1-per-night DVD rentals, whatâll 
| happen if Big Box DVD kiosks start appearing 
| around the country, charging just 6 cents an 
| hour? We could find out if Big Box parent 
| Mosquito Productions is able to expand its 
| kiosk DVD rental business.

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