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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Don't Match up with Business Models

  • Subject: [News] Intellectual Monopolies Don't Match up with Business Models
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 12:10:51 +0000
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Russian Publishers Taking A More Progressive View On Book 'Piracy'

,----[ Quote ]
| While some do seem upset about the issue, 
| others are actually figuring out ways to deal 
| with it, including offering their own vastly 
| cheaper ebook versions quickly (and with no 
| DRM), or even working out deals with "pirate" 
| sites to share some of the ad revenue. The one 
| publisher that the article focuses on, Sergei 
| Parchomenko, says that they're not losing 
| money from pirate sites, but the 
| responsibility is on him to come up with a 
| workable business model. It's nice to see 
| someone realizing that they need to react to 
| the market, rather than freak out about 
| things.


Music as Commerce: Understanding a Mindset

,----[ Quote ]
| By and large, thinking of music as 
| commerce, as strictly a means through which 
| money is made, is what got the record 
| industry into this mess in the first place.  
| Long before the Internet and file-sharing 
| became common scapegoats, the record 
| industryâs growth was already based on the 
| notion of a forever expanding market for 
| music that never existed.  Because music is 
| such a definitive part of the human 
| experience and passionately embraced the 
| world over, it was supposed that quarter to 
| quarter not only could record labels 
| achieve exponential growth, but that from 
| album to album an artist ought to be able 
| to achieve the same results.  But, as we 
| now know, this mindset can only persist for 
| so long, because music as commerce expands 
| rather differently from music as culture.



Intellectual Monopolists Scorn the Blind

,----[ Quote ]
| This, then, is the reality of "modern"
| copyright: it fails to serve huge numbers
| of people, many of whom are already
| suffering from discrimination in other
| ways.
| Given this situation, various
| organisations are not unreasonably trying
| to facilitate access to copyrighted works
| for those who are visually disabled with a
| new WIPO treaty that would define basic
| rights for this group. Who could object to
| such a humanitarian cause? Well, the
| publishers, of course.

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