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[News] A Look at KDE4 Distributions

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Get the best KDE Linux distro

,----[ Quote ]
| Rather than providing simple packages for KDE, 
| a real KDE distro is likely to include GUI 
| refinements, usability tweaks, custom themes, 
| artwork and a good selection of KDE 
| applications. It's also nice when Gnome and 
| GTK applications play happily with their KDE 
| counterparts, especially if a compatible theme 
| has been chosen from them both. KDE-based 
| distros should be able to do this better than 
| simple Gnome desktops.
| So, we took eight of the top KDE-focused 
| distros and pitched them head-to-head to find 
| which ones really rock, and which ones just 
| limp along with a vanilla set of packages. 
| Read on!



Mandriva Flash 2008 USB Key Review

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the great things about Linux is the ability to not only install it on
| your home desktop computer, but the ability to install it on a USB Key.
| Installing Linux on a USB Key makes it very mobile and today I am pleased to
| review a commercial version of Linux on USB key called Mandriva Flash 2008.
| [...]
| Mandriva Flash 2008 Mobile USB Key is a great extra tool to have in your
| Linux toolbox.  Fun to use and easy to manage this key is a cut above the
| more open source versions of Linux on USB Key.  Support from Mandriva is
| proven and available for all who purchase the key.

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