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[News] Ideas for Supporting Free Software

Ask not what open source can do for you this Christmas

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux PR expert Kim Terca gets credit for 
| these ideas:
|    1. Join the Linux Foundation. Thereâs a 
|    new buy one, get one promotion on their 
|    site that can give you and a student 
|    discounts on books and other benefits 
|    for the cost of a single  Cirque du 
|    Soleil ticket.
|    2. Ubuntu swag makes a great stocking 
|    stuffer, and if a black friend asks what 
|    it means you have a conversation 
|    starter.
|    3. Make a donation to the open source 
|    project of your choice. There are 
|    thousands at Sourceforge. Or go the 
|    âHershey bars for kids in Beverly Hillsâ 
|    route and give it to Codeplex. (Thatâs a 
|    joke. Codeplex isnât rich. But maybe Sam 
|    Ramji would like a Hershey bar.)
|    4. Support a developerâs travels. The 
|    Linux Foundation has an app for that.


Open Source Solutions Penetrating IP-PBX Market: ITEXPO Speaker

,----[ Quote ]
| JS: Not unlike the PC and Server software 
| market, Open Source solutions are 
| definitely affecting the IP-PBX telephony 
| market space. And, more to the point, Open 
| Source software licensing models definitely 
| challenge certain fundamental business 
| model assumptions as compared to the 
| traditional IP-PBX systems. These dynamics 
| are really important to understand.
| Over the last few years, Open Source 
| solutions in the various flavors combined 
| have made significant inroads into the IP-
| PBX space. In fact, John Malone of Eastern 
| Management Group estimated that at the end 
| of 2008, Open Source IP-PBXâs represented 
| 18 percent of the total market space 
| putting it into the number one market 
| position. John is predicting this growth 
| will continue to be experienced for at 
| least a few more years.



Government computers slow to go 'open source'

,----[ Quote ]
| Matthias StÃrmer, spokesman for the Swiss Open Systems User Group, an
| association advocating for open-source technology, told WRSâs Jordan Davis
| that the government hasnât even followed its own recommendations.


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