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Re: [News] [Rival] Bill Gates Pays 'Journalists' to Glorify His Atrocious Abuses with Monsanto

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____/ GreyCloud on Friday 18 Dec 2009 06:58 : \____

> Tim Smith wrote:
>> In article <J9idnSpd96CmVrfWnZ2dnUVZ_ghi4p2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>  GreyCloud <mist@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> being very careful with where they get their seeds from.  And it is
>>> getting harder to wade thru what is called food on the shelves these days.
>> What I do is a split shopping strategy.
>> 1. For things like flour, sugar, salt, soft drinks, and things for which
>> I have decided to put convenience over maximal nutrition (e.g.,
>> microwave entrees), I shop at Walmart. They've got the best prices.
>> 2. For things like fresh produce and beef, I go to a market that has a
>> big organic selection, much of it from local farms, and has a good
>> selection of beef that was fed on grazed grass and not pumped full of
>> antibiotics.
>> The idea is for the savings by going to Walmart for stuff in the first
>> group to offset the extra expense of the things in the second group, so
>> that hopefully I come out at about the same cost as someone who just
>> goes to Safeway for everything.
> You should google on the Codex Alimentarius (sp?) on required food
> additives.  The only safe salt that I could find that didn't have sodium
> flouride added was one labeled 'Real Salt'.  And the other table salts
> don't have to label it.
> Softdrinks for the most part I avoid.  Most if not all contain
> Aspartame, which is a behaviour modifier.
> Microwaving food isn't a good idea either.  Try this experiment on two
> houseplants... microwave some water to boiling and then let it cool to
> room temperature, then water the plant for a few days like this.  The
> other plant you water with normal tap water.  The one with the
> microwaved water will die.  I don't know why or how it happens, but that
> bothers me.
> Beef really isn't that safe anymore like it used to be.  It has been
> estimated by the Alzheimers Association that 10% that are diagnosed as
> having alzheimers actually has the mad cow disease.  Something to do
> with prions.
> It is getting pretty difficult to buy food that is considered to be safe
> these days.  It is the long term effects that I'd like to avoid.

There have been incidents where the GM crops (Monsanto) were found to be
'toxic'. Monsanto just symbolically sent investigators, who did nothing
about it. They bury the truth while Monsanto shareholders pocket the money.
You can find a lot of information about it.

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