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[News] Mandy's Intellectual Monopolies/Copyrights Cartel Law Debates, Reality Strikes

  • Subject: [News] Mandy's Intellectual Monopolies/Copyrights Cartel Law Debates, Reality Strikes
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 02:02:01 +0000
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Talking about Internet 'piracy' 

,----[ Quote ]
| WITH LORD PETER MANDELSON stepping off of his 
| media mogul friendâs yacht recently and 
| announcing his newly found dislike for the 
| peer-to-peer file sharer, Internet âpiracyâ 
| has once again become a hot topic. Admittedly 
| fanning the flames a little, the Inquirer sat 
| down with a few key players involved in the 
| current state of online file sharing to 
| discuss the industryâs future developments 
| and, perhaps more importantly, its legal 
| status.
| The first big shot we got hold of was Gary 
| Fung, the owner, creator and admin of 
| isohunt.com, one of the worldâs largest 
| torrent search engines. In case you have been 
| living under a rock for the past half-decade, 
| torrent files link multiple users to 
| âtrackersâ that allow them to connect to one 
| another in order to download legal or illegal 
| content. We began our discussion by asking 
| him to lay out his and his siteâs background. 
| Initially isohunt.com began as a programming 
| experiment way back in 2002, but with the 
| growth of torrent usage in 2003, âit just 
| explodedâ, rapidly expanding into the 
| industry heavyweight it is today.


Unknown filmmaker gets $30m for robot movie

,----[ Quote ]
| An unknown filmmaker from Uruguay has been 
| given $30m by Hollywood studio bosses - to 
| turn his $500 YouTube video of a giant robot 
| invasion into a movie
| Would-be director Federico Alvarez, who runs 
| a post-production visual effects house in 
| Uruguay, filmed 'Panic Attack' with a budget 
| of just $500 in his free time.



Threatening Internet freedom in the UK

,----[ Quote ]
| All too often, the public policy world
| focuses on subtle legislative distinctions
| and on regulatory details. But once in a
| while, an issue comes along that strikes
| to the heart of the big principles. Such
| an issue erupted last week in the UK - an
| issue that incorporates two of the most
| important subjects on these pages: privacy
| and innovation.


Pure Mint boss resigns BPI committee over Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| Hall believes the proposed legislation has
| been rushed in a bid to get it through
| parliament before the next General
| Election, that it is in danger of
| disregarding some sacred legal principles
| (regarding process, presumption of
| innocence and burden of proof) and that it
| won't solve the record industry's piracy
| problems anyway.
| In his resignation letter to the BPI, Hall
| writes: "I have enjoyed contributing to
| both [the BPI's] Rights [Committee] and
| the [IFPI's] ILC, but increasingly feel
| that my contributions are falling on deaf
| ears as an agenda has already been reached
| that I now consider is unmovable. As you
| know, I do not think the Digital Economy
| Bill is a sensible or well thought out
| piece of legislation. In my view it is
| being rushed through the last months of a
| parliament of an unpopular government and
| it is not legislation that I support".
| Referencing clause 17 - the one that gives
| senior ministers the right to change
| copyright laws on whim - he continued: "I
| am particularly surprised that the record
| industry has chosen to endorse s.17 of the
| DEB, which I consider is wholly
| undemocratic and contrary to centuries of
| good practice regarding the forming of our
| copyright legislation. I also believe it
| may set a dangerous precedent going
| forwards (and could come back to haunt the
| industry)".

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