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[News] Google Releases Free Software, Continues Toppling Abusive Monopolist

  • Subject: [News] Google Releases Free Software, Continues Toppling Abusive Monopolist
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 20:14:05 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Google Releases EtherPad as Open Source to Calm Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has released the source code of 
| EtherPad, a Web-hosted word processor designed 
| for real-time workgroup collaboration, in a 
| move aimed at appeasing users of the product 
| who complained about plans to discontinue it.


Google To Acquire DocVerse; Office War Heats Up

,----[ Quote ]
| Google, which is currently on one heck of a 
| spending spree, is closing an acquisition of 
| San Francisco based DocVerse, a service that 
| lets users collaborate around Microsoft 
| Office documents, weâve heard from a source 
| with knowledge of the deal. The purchase 
| price is supposed to be around $25 million.


Googleâs synchronicity

,----[ Quote ]
| On the latest This Week in Google, we talked 
| about many of Googleâs product announcements 
| and enhancements and though none on its own was 
| earthshattering, as we added them up, I started 
| to see synchronicity approaching â all the 
| moreso last night when TechCrunch reported that 
| Googleâs negotiating to buy Yelp.
| I see a strategy emerging that has Google 
| profoundly improve search by better 
| anticipating our intent and then moving past 
| search to build hegemony in local and mobile 
| (which will come to mean the same thing). 



Students reject GroupWise for Google Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly 30,000 students at the University of Portsmouth have rejected the
| university's internal e-mail system in favour of Google Apps to communicate
| and collaborate with friends and tutors and stay in touch with friends and
| staff.


Zoho Launches Sign-In Integration With Google Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Last summer, Zoho, a web-based software suite that includes document, project
| and invoicing management tools, integrated Google and Yahoo sign-ins,
| allowing users to sign into Zoho using a Google or Yahoo account. Today, Zoho
| is launching sign-in integration with Google Apps, letting users login to
| Zoho using their Google Apps credentials.

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