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[News] USPTO Admits It Has Quality Issue, Latest Patent Lawsuits Include Microsoft

  • Subject: [News] USPTO Admits It Has Quality Issue, Latest Patent Lawsuits Include Microsoft
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 17:25:16 +0000
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PTO Asks for Comments on Improving Patent Quality

,----[ Quote ]
| The PTO is on a mission to âimprove the 
| quality of the overall patent examination and 
| prosecution process, to reduce patent 
| application pendency, and to ensure that 
| granted patents are valid and provide clear 
| notice.â


Microsoft sued in patent spat

,----[ Quote ]
| A Massachusetts software company filed suit 
| in Bostonâs District Court against Microsoft 
| Corp., claiming the Redmond software giant 
| infringed its patent on a business method for 
| extracting data from spreadsheets.


Apple, Others, Hit with Remote App Activation Patent Infringement Suit

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and several other 
| companies were hit with a patent infringement 
| suit on Monday by BetaNet for violating a 
| patent it owns. The case alleges the 
| companies are violating a patent that 
| describes a process for securely activating 
| software remotely, according to The Loop.


Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, others sued for patent infringement



Google Patents Displaying Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| "Google has actually managed to patent
| displaying patents. The USPTO issued US
| Patent No. D603,866 to six Google inventors
| for their 'graphical user interface for
| display screen of a communications
| terminal.' Among the six inventors is the
| guy who introduced Google Patents.
| Ironically, Google Patents can't seem to
| find the new Google patent for Google
| Patents."


Amazon Scores Gift-Delivery Patent

,----[ Quote ]
| In May, the USPTO rejected Amazon.com's
| patent claims (PDF) for its Method and
| System for Placing a Purchase Order Via a
| Communications Network (a 1-Click spin-
| off). At the time, a USPTO Examiner cited
| Bilski, explaining that elements of CEO
| Jeff Bezos' gift-delivery invention 'may be
| performed largely within the human mind,'
| coming to essentially the same conclusion a
| NY Post reporter arrived at in 2002. But
| Amazon's attorneys have worked their legal
| wordsmithing magic (PDF), convincing the
| USPTO that 'obtaining delivery information
| for a gift from one or more information
| sources other than the gift giver and
| recipient' is indeed novel and patentable.
| A Notice of Allowance for the patent was
| mailed to Amazon on November 17th, just in
| time for Holiday Season injunction-giving!"


Patent That: Reporter Invents Way to Reach PTO Director

,----[ Quote ]
| Journalists who cover Washington know the
| drill: top bureaucrats can be very hard to
| get through to, especially when you need to
| reach them the most.
| So when ABA Journal senior writer Terry
| Carter got nowhere in his recent effort to
| reach Patent and Trademark Office director
| David Kappos through spokesman Peter Pappas
| for a story he was writing, he decided on a
| characteristically novel approach: on
| Tuesday he drafted and posted a humorous
| patent application for a "method to get an
| interview with USPTO Director David Kappos."
| Edward Adams, editor and publisher of the
| ABA Journal, wrote in this story at the
| Journal Web site, "We figured the problem
| was that Carter was not speaking the
| agency's language."

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