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Re: Introducing Windows users to GNU/Linux during the holidays

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____/ Marti van Lin on Tuesday 22 Dec 2009 12:11 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> ____/ Marti van Lin on Tuesday 22 Dec 2009 09:05 : \____
>>> Last weekend I witnessed a conversation between my brother Michel
>>> (MichellinZXRadical) and my brother in law Fred, discussing the boot
>>> times of Windows Vista.
>>> Michel said: the boot time of Windows Vista on my machine is 10 minutes.
>>> 10 minutes before he is actually able to run a program and Fred
>>> confirmed this.
>>> I introduced them before to GNU/Linux, but up until now they ignored it.
>>> We will be together again 2'nd day of Christmas and I feel the need to
>>> bring my laptop and show them the magic of GNU/Linux.
>>> The boot time of my Ubuntu 9.10 installation takes exactly 48 seconds.
>>> After 48 seconds I am actually able to start a program.
>>> I also want to show them some of the magnificent themes that are
>>> available for Gnome/Metacity. Because honestly the so called "themes"
>>> for XP, Vista and 7 are a joke :-)
>>> And of course my 6 desktops, which I switch using the Cylinder
>>> deformation of the Compiz-Fusion cube.
>>> I see it as a wonderful opportunity to introduce them to a mature
>>> Operating System.
>> People are just afraid of change. Have them set up with dual-boot to
>> overcome this fear.
> Indeed, that is what my volunteering foundation (Linux Steunpunt
> Maastricht) is all about:
> Taking away people's fear of the great unknown...
> I introduced friends and family (including Michel) to computing, back in
> the 1980's. My choice was the MSX, a Microsoft led 8-bit Home Computer
> Standard.
> After MSX we logically migrated to PC's running MS-DOS and later MS
> Windows. And in the meantime we had a lot of fun with the Commodore-Amiga.
> Michel is a very talented geek, unfortunately he sticks to Microsoft,
> which is _my_ fault.
> I gloryfied MS-DOS and Windows. It is _me_ who addicted them to
> Microcrap(tm). Now it is me, who has to fix it.
> The only thing I can do, is to show my beloved brothers (in law), the
> many advantages of GNU/Linux in comparison with the Microsoft Windows
> crapware(tm).

There was a point where (after heinous crimes against competition) Windows was best. That was around
2000 when Mac OS was in shambles and desktop GNU/Linux was young.

Windows is now trailing behind both OS X and KDE4. It actually
tries to copy them.

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