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[News] Obama Puts Man from an Abusive Monopoly (Microsoft) in Czar Position

  • Subject: [News] Obama Puts Man from an Abusive Monopoly (Microsoft) in Czar Position
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 10:25:36 +0000
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Schmidt named Obama cybersecurity czar


US appoints Howard Schmidt as cybersecurity chief


Obama names chief of cybersecurity


Obama names former Microsoft exec new U.S. cybersecurity czar

,----[ Quote ]
| President Obama this morning named a new 
| U.S. cybersecurity coordinator: Howard 
| Schmidt, a longtime computer security 
| specialist who has worked as an executive 
| for companies including Microsoft and eBay, 
| and as a security adviser to the 
| administration of George W. Bush.


Afternoon Business Brief

,----[ Quote ]
| The White House is naming a former 
| Microsoft and eBay executive as the 
| government's new cyber security 
| coordinator. Former Bush administration 
| official Howard Schmidt will lead the 
| effort to shore up the country's computer 
| networks.


Howard Schmidt Named White House Cyber Security Czar



Ex-government cyber official, exec mulled for czar job

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's security chief and a veteran of Clinton's and Bush's national
| security teams are leading candidates for cybersecurity czar, a job that
| needs White House access and clout to protect networks that underpin the U.S.
| economy.
| President Barack Obama promised last month that he would personally decide
| who would lead the fight against an epidemic of cybercrime and organize a
| response to any major cyber attack.
| [...]
| A leading candidate for the post is Scott Charney, head of Microsoft's
| cybersecurity division, who has said he won't take the job, according to a
| source who had direct knowledge of the matter but was not authorized to
| discuss it. The source said, however, that Charney would change his mind if
| pressed.


Microsoft Exec is One of Two Leading Candidates for Cybersecurity Czar

,----[ Quote ]
| Two leading candidates have emerged for this job.  The first is Scott
| Charney, head of Microsoft's cybersecurity division.


Ballmers, Gateses give combined $200k to Obama inauguration

,----[ Quote ]
| The committee's website also lists "William Gates" for a
| $50,000 donation, although it's not clear [i]f that's the
| Microsoft co-founder or his father, who are often confused
| in elections filings. Melinda Gates is listed separately
| for another $50,000 donation, as is Ballmer's wife, Connie.
| That's $200,000 total from the Gates and Ballmer families,
| for anyone keeping track.
| [...]
| Rob Glaser, RealNetworks CEO, $50,000
| Steven Van Roekel, Windows Server Solutions, $50,000
| Nick Hanauer, Second Avenue Partners, $25,000
| Craig Mundie, Microsoft chief research and strategy
| officer, $25,000
| Brad Smith, Microsoft general counsel, $25,000
| Mike Mathieu, former CEO of All Star Directories, $25,000

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