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[News] Linux Odyssey for 2010

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2010 - A Linux Odyssey.

,----[ Quote ]
| My Linux Odyssey for 2010 is going to be two 
| pronged. One, as the control op here at the 
| Linux Journal's Virtual Ham Shack, I am going 
| to start the process of converting my few 
| Amateur Radio programs to Linux. One of the 
| first programs I want to dive into is Xastir, 
| the APRS program. My training is as a 
| geographer, with a focus on cartography, so 
| anything maps is right up my alley and I look 
| forward to leveraging the abilities and 
| capabilities of Xastir. Second, I am going to 
| continue my focus on Linux, particularly in 
| business, as we move through the year in my 
| occasional posting in this space.


2009's Five Most Popular & Important Linux Stories

,----[ Quote ]
| The economy lingers on its sick bed, but Red 
| Hat continues to prosper. At the rate Red 
| Hat's continuing to grow, I won't be at all 
| surprised to see Red Hat to become the first 
| pure Linux play company to top a billion 
| dollars in annual revenue in its next fiscal 
| year.



A good year for desktop Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| 2010 is going to be a good year for Linux on
| the desktop.


Linux and Open Source: Best of 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| This year, we saw the new releases of major
| distributions such as Ubuntuâs Jaunty
| Jackalope and Karmic Koala; Mandriva 2009 and
| 2010; Fedora 11 and 12; and openSUSE 11.2. It
| was also a big year for Google in the open
| source arena with the release of the Google
| Chrome OS beta, the new Chrome browser, and
| the Android 2.0 platform for the Droid
| smartphone.

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