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Re: [News] Linux Kernel Space Benchmark: 32 Bit Versus 64 Bit

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____/ Sinister Midget III on Saturday 02 Jan 2010 19:41 : \____

> On 2010-01-02, GreyCloud <mist@xxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>> They should, seeing that Apple is starting to take away a bit more each
>> year from them.  I don't know which vendor is doing their compilers
>> these days, but a long time ago it was Nat systems.  Maybe Intel is
>> doing their compilers now.  My cousins son just purchased a laptop with
>> win7 on it and likes it better than either XP or Vista.  But then he is
>> an Architect and not computer savvy.  His software was upgraded to win7
>> recently which is why he purchased a new laptop.
> Maybe your cousin's son likes Vista 7 ME III because it was his idea. I
> saw that on TV, which means it's gotta be true.

It's better than XP, I hear. Better than software from 2001 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).... not 2010.

Vista doesn't count. It's trash.

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