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[News] Free Software on VTV (Vietnam), Spain Bets on Free Software

  • Subject: [News] Free Software on VTV (Vietnam), Spain Bets on Free Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 17:29:04 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Free and Open Source Software Feature on VTV (Vietnam)

,----[ Quote ]
| I mentioned over a month ago that VTV visited 
| my Linux Lab.  A couple weeks ago they aired 
| the 10 minute segment on VTV.  I know several 
| of the guys featured on the program including 
| An Nguyen of SaigonLUG and Professor Son from 
| the University of Education.   The open 
| source community is starting to grow in 
| Saigon but it still has 5-10 years to mature.  
| It is definitely more active then 5 years ago 
| which is very positive.


Spain pays 12m Euros to Telefonica to maintain open source web site

,----[ Quote ]
| Who said there isnât money to be made in open 
| source? The Spanish government has awarded a 
| 12m Euro contract to Telefonica to maintain 
| the Presidential web site, a site that is 
| built on OpenCMS, an open source content 
| management system.



Vietnam lures more FOSS projects

,----[ Quote ]
| Vietnam will be a country luring Free and Open
| Source Software (FOSS) projects to bring more
| business opportunities to local enterprises,
| according to the organizers of the 2009 GNOME
| Asia Summit.
| [...]
| According to the GNOME Foundation, Asia,
| including Vietnam, will be a destination to
| develop more FOSS projects because many
| countries in the region have policies to
| encourage the use of FOSS in business and in
| Government agencies.


Vietnam mandates government adoption of open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communications is aiming to migrate the
| country's government to open source software by the end of 2010. The
| ambitious plan, which was reported Wednesday by VietnamNet calls for rapid
| adoption of open source software and extensive training to ensure that IT
| staff and government employees will be able to adjust to the change.



Vietnam to widely use open source software

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ministry of Information and Communications has issued an instruction on
| using open source software products at state agencies.
| Accordingly, by June 30, 2009, 100% of servers of IT divisions of government
| agencies must be installed with open source software; 100% of staffs at these
| IT divisions must be trained in the use of these software products and at
| least 50% use them proficiently.
| IT divisions at government agencies comprise the IT departments of ministries
| and government agencies, provincial and municipal Departments of Information
| and Communications.
| [...]
| The instruction also said that by December 31, 2009, 70% of servers of
| ministriesâ agencies and local state agencies must be installed with the
| above open source software products and 70% of IT staff trained in using this
| software; and at least 40% able to use the software in their work.


Vietnam to widely use open source software

,----[ Quote ]
| Vietnams Ministry of Information and Communications has instructed that 100%
| of all of Vietnams government agencies servers must run free software by June
| 30, 2009. They also mandate that IT divisions train their staff to use this
| software and require 50% of the drones to be able to use the
| technology âproficientlyâ.


Vietnam may shut down Vietnamese-American Web site

,----[ Quote ]
| Authorities have recommended closing a Web site owned by an American man of
| Vietnamese origin for violating copyright rules and publishing "misleading"
| information about government policies, police said Monday.


Vietnam tightens rules on blogs

,----[ Quote ]
| Vietnam has tightened restrictions on internet blogs, banning bloggers from
| raising subjects the government deems inappropriate.
| Blogs should follow Vietnamese law, and be written in "clean and wholesome"
| language, according to a government document seen by local media.


Vietnam Clamps Down On Bloggers And Online Journalists

,----[ Quote ]
| The Committee to Protect Journalists is condemning the recent arrests of
| online journalists and political bloggers in Vietnam.
| The crackdown comes as online journalists and bloggers independent reporting
| challenges Vietnam's tightly censored state-run media's monopoly on local
| news and opinion.

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