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[News] [OT] Expert Finds New, Microsoft-esque Crimes from Intel

  • Subject: [News] [OT] Expert Finds New, Microsoft-esque Crimes from Intel
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 17:47:05 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Intel's compiler cripples code on AMD and VIA chips 

,----[ Quote ]
| THE US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 
| apparently is interested in the fact that 
| Intel's compiler deliberately cripples 
| performance for non-Intel processors such as 
| those made by AMD and VIA.
| Writing in his blog, programming expert Agner 
| Fog said that it appears that Chipzilla's 
| compiler can produce different versions of 
| pieces of code, with each version being 
| optimised for a specific processor and/or 
| instruction set. The system detects which CPU 
| it's running on and chooses the optimal code 
| path accordingly.



Microsoft and Intel want to limit Netbook screens to 10.2 inches

,----[ Quote ]
| There is collaboration, and there is collusion. According to Digitimes,
| Microsoft and Intel have reached an agreement that the next generation of
| Netbooks will not have displays larger than 10.2 inches. Vendors that insist
| on making minilaptops with larger LCDs will not be eligible for the lower
| Windows 7 volume licensing rates for these machines.



ARM-based netbooks set to arrive on US shores by year end

,----[ Quote ]
| New rumors peg the long-awaited arrival of ARM-based netbooks, often
| called "smartbooks," for the final quarter of this year. They probably won't
| dethrone Atom, but they will give the platform a taste of what it did to the
| laptop.


Microsoft and the great netbook price-fixing scam of 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is colluding with netbook hardware vendors to deny customer choice
| and protect profits
| [...]
| Now we're hearing that Microsoft is about to weigh in on the matter. The
| company already muddied the netbook hardware waters when it set forth its
| byzantine "maximum hardware requirements" for netbooks running Windows XP
| Home. And with Windows 7 just around the corner, the company is reportedly
| preparing an updated set of parameters. In a nutshell, the acceptable netbook
| screen size is decreasing (from 12.1 inches to 10.2 inches), the acceptable
| storage capacity is increasing (from a 32GB solid-state drive or 160GB hard
| disk drive to 64GB SSD/250GB HDD), and restrictions on touch and other
| Windows 7-centric features are being lifted.



Microsoft to limit capabilities of cheap laptops

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft plans to offer PC makers steep discounts on Windows XP Home Edition
| to encourage them to use that OS instead of Linux on ultra low-cost PCs
| (ULPCs). To be eligible, however, the PC vendors that make ULPCs must limit
| screen sizes to 10.2 inches and hard drives to 80G bytes, and they cannot
| offer touch-screen PCs.
| The program is outlined in confidential documents that Microsoft sent to PC
| makers last month, and which were obtained by IDG News Service. The goal
| apparently is to limit the hardware capabilities of ULPCs so that they don't
| eat into the market for mainstream PCs running Windows Vista, something both
| Microsoft and the PC vendors would want to avoid.
| [...]
| Microsoft notes that the OSes under consideration for the devices include
| Windows and Linux. Some PC makers have expressed a preference for Linux
| because it helps them keep down the cost of the devices.
| [...]
| By offering Windows XP Home Edition at bargain prices, Microsoft hopes to
| secure its place in the ULPC market and reduce the use of Linux, according to
| an official at one PC maker, who asked not to be identified because he was
| not authorized to discuss the program.
| "[Low-cost PC makers] have made some good inroads with open-source, and
| Microsoft wants to put a stop to it," the official said.
| The official did not seem opposed to the program. It should stimulate more
| competition between Windows and Linux in the ULPC market, and it could
| invigorate sales because consumers who want an easy-to-use PC are likely to
| prefer Windows, the official said.


More evidence of Microsoft "tying up" the Asus EeePC

,----[ Quote ]
| Then, one of the makers of Netbooks will release a fantastic product using
| the paid Ubuntu/Netbook Remix, which will make us all forget about the EeePC
| â or, maybe weâll remember it as one of the makers which used GNU/Linux in
| order to launch a product, and then gave in to Microsoftâs pressure.
| The real question is: will the next maker manage to resist Microsoftâs
| pressure? Or will everybody end up closely tied up with Microsoft?

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