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[News] More Linux-Powered E-Readers Appear at CES

  • Subject: [News] More Linux-Powered E-Readers Appear at CES
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 23:09:34 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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DMC Worldwide Unveils COPIA eBook Platfrom And Linux eReaders At CES

,----[ Quote ]
| The top of the line Copia Ocean eReader 
| features a 9-inch ePaper capacitive 
| touchscreen, 768 x 1024 pixels resolution, 4-
| directional tilt-sensor, 3G connectivity 
| (optional), WiFi (802.11b/g), Linux 2.6.21, 
| 2GB internal memory, stereo speaker and 3.5mm 
| stereo jack. 



OpenInkpot: free software for e-book readers

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenInkpot (or OI) intends to be a full alternative,
| free software stack for e-ink based readers. It comes
| with a "bookshelf" menu to handle your collection of
| e-books and brings the popular FBReader and Cool
| Reader to display most e-book formats, among them
| epub, fb2, txt, html, rtf, pdb, plucker and
| mobipocket. PDF files are handled by OI's own locoPDF
| and madeye is a simple viewer for images. A sound
| player application for audio books will join the OI
| software collection soon.


Libraries and Readers Wade Into Digital Lending

,----[ Quote ]
| Eager to attract digitally savvy patrons and
| capitalize on the growing popularity of electronic
| readers, public libraries across the country are
| expanding collections of books that reside on servers
| rather than shelves.


Android May Power New Barnes & Noble E-Reader

,----[ Quote ]
| Reports indicate that another new e-
| reader is on the way, this time from
| Barnes & Noble.  The interesting thing -
| or at least the interesting thing that
| makes this development connect to the
| search industry - is that Barnes &
| Noble's e-reader will supposedly use
| Android as its operating system.


3G wireless eReader from Irex aims to tackle Amazon's Kindle

,----[ Quote ]
| Although the handheld reader will connect to Windows
| PCs through the USB port, its underlying platform will
| be built on Linux for "open development," he said.


eReader on Android Soon, Planned for Palm Pre Later

,----[ Quote ]
| Google Android handset owners can expect eReader availability in âmid- to
| late summer,â according to TeleRead. They spoke to Scott Pendergrast of
| Fictionwise, which is owned by Barnes & Noble.

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