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[News] New Red Hat Interview (Whitehurst)

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Red Hat CEO On Recession, Virtualization, Ballmer 

,----[ Quote ]
| Whitehurst sees more and more open source 
| firms being acquired by major companies 
| because of the quality of the code produced in 
| open source projects. But he thinks it is 
| better for both the project's developers and 
| the community if an open source company 
| remains independent. Red Hat is such a 
| company, he said, and issued a departing jab 
| at Oracle. "I like the strategic clarity of 
| being pure open source. I do worry about the 
| mindset you have to have as part of a large 
| company," he said. 


As Sun sets, HP goes after its customers â with Red Hatâs help

,----[ Quote ]
| As European regulators drag their feet in 
| deciding whether to approve the merger of 
| Oracle and Sun, rivals â including Red Hat â 
| are continuing to feast on the remains of 
| Sunâs business.



Red Hat's Middleware Adds Security Certification

,----[ Quote ]
| We are pleased to announce that Red Hat's (NYSE:RHT)
| Data Services Platform, specifically MetaMatrix
| 5.5.3, has achieved Common Criteria certification at
| Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 2. This is a
| significant milestone for Red Hatâs data services
| solutions and adds another Common Criteria
| certification to the Red Hat portfolio, in line with
| the goals we set in November 2007.


Red Hatâs Jim Whitehurst âon the bleeding edgeâ of change with 'cred'

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the real benefits of Red Hat as well is we
| are a very, very solid company financially. So, we
| have a significant base to work from and so when we
| think about uncertainty out there we can look at our
| customers, we can look at our employees, we can look
| at our partners and say, âif you are going to make
| investments, if you are going to make bets around
| companies weâll be there and you know weâll be
| thereâ, which gives us both the ability to attract
| communities, again these are either employees or
| customers or academics or from all walks of life, we
| can attract these communities to us because there is
| a general sense that Red Hat will be there and has
| the staying power to be there.


Its stock red hot, Red Hatâs insiders are ca$hing out shares

,----[ Quote ]
| Shares closed at $28.02 Tuesday, close to
| the 52-week high of $28.68 and nearly four
| times the 52-week low of $7.50 reached in
| last fallâs global financial swan dive.

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