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[News] Linux-powered Palm Phones to Get Software Through Competition Programme

  • Subject: [News] Linux-powered Palm Phones to Get Software Through Competition Programme
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 10:54:08 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Palm opens developer program, adds plug-in support

,----[ Quote ]
| The number of applications available for 
| webOS is much smaller than for the iPhone or 
| Google's Android OS. To close this gap, Palm 
| will also open up its application 
| distribution channel to developers and Web 
| sites, giving them access to detailed 
| information about applications and 
| statistics, such as the number of downloads. 
| This will allow them to build their own 
| application directories and application 
| ranking mechanisms, Mitic said.


Palm PrÄ lands in France

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm is extending the market range of its 
| smartphones to France through a partnership 
| with mobile service provider SFR, which will 
| begin offering the Palm PrÄ and Pixi to its 
| existing 20 million mobile customers - and, 
| hopefully, more - in the second quarter of 
| this year.


Palm fishes for devs with $1m lure

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm has - finally - opened up its 
| application development program for webOS to 
| one and all. It will also open its app 
| database to anyone who wants to build a 
| store, extend its SDK's powers with a plug-
| in kit for C and C++ coders, and prime the 
| development pump with $1m in incentives.


Palm updates devices, opens App Catalog, boosts gaming

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm revealed new versions of its Pre and 
| Pixi handsets during its press briefing 
| today at CES. The company also expanded its 
| development platform and demonstrated new 
| features of its webOS software.


AT&T Will Add Android, Palm Devices, Boost Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| AT&T will offer mobile devices using nearly 
| every operating system as it adds more 
| Android devices, including Dell's, and Palm 
| webOS devices to its smartphone lineup. 
| Observers think AT&T is preparing to lose 
| its exclusive U.S. contract for Apple, 
| Inc.'s iPhone. AT&T also plans to encourage 
| development of applications for its devices.


AT&T to begin selling Android and Palm smartphones in the U.S.

,----[ Quote ]
| AT&T has announced it will soon begin 
| selling Android and Palm smartphones in the 
| U.S., The company announced it will offer 
| five new devices based on Google's open-
| source operating system and two devices that 
| use Palm's webOS. 



Palm jumps to Verizon with two new phones

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm announced today that it will jump from
| Sprint to Verizon when it releases two new
| phones on January 25.
| Speaking to reporters at the Consumer
| Elelctronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada,
| Palm Chairman and chief executive Jon
| Rubinstein said the new phones - the Pre
| Plus and Pixi Plus - "will be available
| exclusively on the Verizon wireless
| network."


Palm Pre Plus, Pixi Plus Coming to Verizon

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm's CES 2010 press conference didn't
| offer nearly as much fanfare as last year's
| event, where the company unveiled the Palm
| Pre. But Palm did announce new phones, a
| software update, and new partnerships,
| proving that this once-struggling handset
| company is not just a one-trick pony.


Palm Updates the Pre and Pixi for Verizon Wireless

,----[ Quote ]
| Verizon Wireless will start selling
| improved versions of Palm's Pre and Pixi
| smartphones later this month under an
| exclusive arrangement with the handset
| maker.


A Closer Look at the Palm Pre Plus, Pixi Plus, and WebOS 1.4

,----[ Quote ]
| This morning Palm announced a slew of
| product updates, including two new
| handsets, updates to the webOS platform,
| and a carrier relationship with Verizon.
| This afternoon I got some hands-on time
| with the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus and
| tested the new video capture app.


Palm Pre Plus First Hands-On: Super-Fast, Button Removal Is No Problem

,----[ Quote ]
| It's speedier, thanks to the double RAM
| that's been added, and noticeably easier
| flipping between apps and programs. The
| screen is responsive, but no more
| responsive than it was before. All in all,
| it's the same Pre experience you've had
| before, just faster. Oh, and guess you'll
| have to fork out for a TouchStone now.


Pebble, pretty, perfection, Palm...Pre

,----[ Quote ]
| That ânew-nessâ came in the form of a new
| mobile phone and the new operating system
| that ran on it: the Palm Pre, a phone that
| channeled the Zen-like beauty of a smooth
| black pebble; and webOS, the Linux-based OS
| with deep hooks to the modern phenomenon of
| social networking via a technology Palm has
| dubbed Synergy.


Emblaze Mobile to Introduce ELSE Linux-Based Mobile OS at CES

,----[ Quote ]
| Emblazed unveiled its Linux OS for mobile
| phones a couple of months ago in London. Now
| it will demo the first ELSE device at CES
| 2010 in Las Vegas. The first ELSE has a 3.5-
| inch touch screen with tactile feedback
| running at 854 x 480 resolution, up to 32
| gigs flash storage, a 5 megapixel camera and
| built-in GPS.


Palm's Native webOS App Secrets Revealed

,----[ Quote ]
| The discovery of SDL's inclusion in webOS
| 1.3.5 really should have been enough evidence
| for you that something big was brewing, but
| destinal and Rod Whitby's (of WebOS Internals)
| latest discovery is proof positive: webOS
| 1.3.5 also includes a method for launching
| native Linux applications without any of the
| Upstart hackery we reported on yesterday.


webOS DOOM Paving Way For Future SDL Ports

,----[ Quote ]
| Since its initial release less than two days
| ago, development has proceeded apace on the
| webOS port of classic FPS DOOM. The latest
| news, however, has implications beyond just
| this particular port itself. For starters, the
| game no longer requires any fooling around in
| the Terminal to get it started: you can now
| load it from an icon in your launcher, just
| like any other app. You can also fire up
| multiple instances of the game in multiple
| cards - possibly useless in of itself, but
| it's great for that geek cool factor.

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