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Re: Open letter to Schestowitz: What about doing Daily Digest instead?

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____/ Roy Schestowitz on Monday 11 Jan 2010 03:07 : \____

>   ____/ ceed on Sunday 10 Jan 2010 13:26 : \____
>> Hi,
>> This is the first news groups I have frequented where someone post
>> (mostly) relevant news links to the group like some sort of clipping
>> service. I admire the time and effort put into it, but it really clutters
>> the group reading . I have to admit that I sometime read your stuff, but
>> not often enough for me not wanting to filter you completely at times.
>> You are good at picking (mostly) relevant material. But wouldn't it be a
>> nice compromise if you instead of just blowing it out there gathered it
>> and posted it as a Daily Digest instead? Then everyone would be happy
>> since the ones looking at it as spam would only have one post to deal with
>> a day, while the others enjoying your material would get it, but all at
>> once. It's good that you leave the subject in a form that's easy to filter
>> on, but a Daily Digest would in my opinion be even better.
> Hi troll,
> Thanks for reminding me that separate posts are better. You're one of the
> nastiest trolls around here (when you show up)

Oops. I've mistaken you for "cc" (a troll). Never mind that last remark.

Mea culpa.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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