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Re: Open letter to Schestowitz: What about doing Daily Digest instead?

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____/ ceed on Sunday 10 Jan 2010 13:26 : \____

> Hi,
> This is the first news groups I have frequented where someone post
> (mostly) relevant news links to the group like some sort of clipping
> service. I admire the time and effort put into it, but it really clutters
> the group reading . I have to admit that I sometime read your stuff, but
> not often enough for me not wanting to filter you completely at times.
> You are good at picking (mostly) relevant material. But wouldn't it be a
> nice compromise if you instead of just blowing it out there gathered it
> and posted it as a Daily Digest instead? Then everyone would be happy
> since the ones looking at it as spam would only have one post to deal with
> a day, while the others enjoying your material would get it, but all at
> once. It's good that you leave the subject in a form that's easy to filter
> on, but a Daily Digest would in my opinion be even better.

Hi troll,

Thanks for reminding me that separate posts are better. You're one of the nastiest trolls
around here (when you show up), so your suggestions should be inverted and then taken to mind.

Your fellow Microsoft Munchkins seem tot love your suggestion very much, which means
that you instruct on what /not/ to do. 

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

C treats you like a consenting adult. Pascal treats you like a naughty
child. Ada treats you like a criminal. -- Bruce Powel Douglass
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