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Re: Former Microsoft Manager Advocates GNU/Linux

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____/ KeithCu on Monday 11 Jan 2010 03:55 : \____

> Roy:
>> > I agree that doing such licensing is not a good thing, but it played
>> > zero part in MS's success. It is not Microsoft's doing that you can't
>> > purchase Linux on a Lenovo.
>> Actually, many times it is. There is evidence in Comes vs Microsoft exhibits.
>> In academic institutions, Microsoft continues to charge for Windows and
>> Office on _all_ PCs. This was only challenged by Linpro in Norway, AFAIK.
> Well, it was stupid for the lawyers not to write proper language. The
> problem with loopholes is that it is natural to exploit them. But I am
> quite sure that in general, MS can only make money per machine. Some
> of these "academic" relationships are quite a bit more complicated.
> It is Lenovo's decision to support Linux or not. The people in that
> company do not get it yet. But as it doubles in marketshare once or
> twice more, they will catch on. The weird thing for them is that they
> have no idea how many people are running Linux on a Lenovo today. The
> marketshare numbers might already be large enough for it to make sense
> to support it more.
> When they start supporting Linux, they will go to MS and say that they
> will only pay for Windows on the machines that ship it if they still
> need to. And it will be a short discussion if it even needs to happen.

Several people at the top of Lenovo are former Microsoft executives. I have
record of this... it most happened over the past couple of years.

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