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Re: Former Microsoft Manager Advocates GNU/Linux

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____/ KeithCu on Saturday 09 Jan 2010 03:09 : \____

>> The problem IMHO is not that Microsoft wants to see Windows loaded on
>> every PC shipped, but when they have the arrogance to charge a fee
>> even if a PC ships without windows installed. Assuming that is
>> actually true of course. That is having one set of huge balls IMHO.
>> I'm sure every antivirus company would like their trial software to be
>> shipped with say Dell systems. It's just business.
> MS used to do this, but as part of the DOJ case they don't. I believe
> its been more than 10 years since they quit that.
> I agree that doing such licensing is not a good thing, but it played
> zero part in MS's success. It is not Microsoft's doing that you can't
> purchase Linux on a Lenovo.

Actually, many times it is. There is evidence in Comes vs Microsoft exhibits.

In academic institutions, Microsoft continues to charge for Windows and Office
on _all_ PCs. This was only challenged by Linpro in Norway, AFAIK.

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