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Re: [News] Freedom for 60,000 More Books

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____/ Terry Porter on Saturday 09 Jan 2010 23:59 : \____

> On Sat, 09 Jan 2010 21:52:34 +0000, Mark Kent wrote:
>> Ofeelya Pratt <dimethalthorocajunjuice@xxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> <snip>
>>> You also better stop allowing other people to use your news server and
>>> ISP connection. That might get you into trouble with said company,
>>> especially after a few complaints are filed. Have a nice day dorko.
>> File as many as you like, it will make no difference at all.  Aside from
>> anything else, which of my three ADSL providers do you intend to
>> complain to, I wonder?
>> It will be fun watching you fail; particularly as I know that this has
>> been tried before by someone else who was equally ill-informed.  That
>> person also failed, too.  So, why don't you keep us all up to speed on
>> every step of effort you put into this?  That way, we can track the
>> level of your investment in this holy grail quest of yours.
> Should the troll really act as claimed, (which I doubt as they're a
> dishonest, covert, lying breed of slime), be sure to share its real name
> and email address with us on COLA, so I can show my appreciation for all
> its efforts here over the years ?
> I'm assuming that anonymous complaints get filed in the bozo bin by any
> ISP.

It was just intended as intimidation.

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