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Re: Interview of 3 Jurers in i4i case

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____/ nessuno on Thursday 14 Jan 2010 16:53 : \____

> On Jan 14, 2:12 am, RonB <ronb02NOS...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Interesting and a chance to get into the jurors heads...
>> http://tinyurl.com/ykfyrj3
>> ~~
>> "If you sat through that trial at all, you would know, it was just so
>> clear cut. They weren't there. They didn't know. If they had heard what I
>> heard, they could not have come up with any other verdict.â None of the
>> eight jurors was even slightly inclined to find for Microsoft, says Cook.
>> âI wanted Microsoft to be right,â she says. "Microsoft employs a lot of
>> people. I didn't want a Canadian company to come here and take our money.
>> There were a lot of reasons I didn't want it to be that way.â
>> The only matter of debate once deliberations began, Cook says, was the
>> size of the award. âWe went lower than what I wanted to.â In her opinion,
>> Microsoft displayed âblatant disregard [for] the other companyâ that left
>> her feeling âa statement needed to be made.â
>> ...
>> Betsy Cook, a customer service representative, also says she was sure
>> which party prevailed in court. âIt was very plain and very clear,
>> throughout the testimony that what Microsoft said and did wasn't right,â
>> Cook says. âIt felt like they thought they were bigger than the law.â
>> Like Stephenson, Cook says one thing that tipped the scales in i4iâs favor
>> was the testimony about a meeting between representatives of the two
>> companies to discuss Microsoftâs interest in i4iâs software.
>> âAt the meeting, when [i4i] actually showed [the XML software] to
>> [Microsoft] âMicrosoft was very excited about it.â Then, she says,
>> Microsoft âstarted figuring out what it was and started using it.â
>> ...
>> In describing his take on the case, Stephenson strikes something of a
>> populist tone.  âIt's the same thing going on with America these days.
>> It's big business. They just don't care. Two hundred million dollars seems
>> to me like a great amount of moneyâI would think if I was Bill Gates, and
>> had $200 million on the line, I would want to be present.â
>> Testimony during the trial revealed that i4i and Microsoft representatives
>> met at one point to discuss Microsoftâs interest in i4i's software, a type
>> of XML editor that could be used in conjunction with Microsoft Word.
>> Stephenson says that was an important factor in helping him reach his
>> decision. "[Microsoft] got their foot in the door and got enough
>> information, and then took it.â
>> Of the lawyers who tried the caseâPowers for Microsoft and Douglas Cawley
>> of McKool Smith for i4iâStephenson says they âboth seemed really
>> intelligent.â  But, he says, the jury found Cawley âmuch more genuine and
>> sincere.â Powers, Stephenson says, âcame across as being cocky, and kind
>> of always on the defensive about everything. He made several low blows and
>> comments about i4i's lawyer and Michael Vulpe. That was frowned upon by
>> the jurors.â
>> ~~
>> Looks like it was cut and dry. Microsoft just figured that, as they
>> figured with with Stac and several other companies, they could just steal
>> what they wanted. And people actually wonder why Microsoft is disliked.
>> --
>> RonB
>> "There's a story there...somewhere"
> I'm sure Erik and amicus can come up with a spin on it.  Nice to see
> that ordinary people (jurors) can figure it out for themselves.

Microsoft was also fined $40,000,000 for trial misconduct here.

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