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[News] Harmony of GNU/Linux and Television

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Watching TV and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| This all started a couple of weeks ago when I 
| finally got around to putting the tv capture 
| card I had picked up a year or two ago into my 
| computer. Happily like most things in Linux, 
| it just worked, that was a great plus. Sadly 
| the software packages in existence that I ran 
| across were either too much or too little, 
| nothing was just right.


Save the Drama for Primetime: Restart MythTV the Easy Way

,----[ Quote ]
| First, an admission: after using MythTV for 
| nearly two years, I succumbed to the lure of a 
| blazingly fast fiber optic internet and 
| television bundle, and I've been using the 
| provider supplied DVR. I have some regrets 
| about this. Though the multiple high 
| definition tuners are great, the actual 
| software on my proprietary DVR is sometimes 
| less than intuitive.



Ubuntu Spotted on Doctor Who Set

,----[ Quote ]
| After watching the two Doctor Who Christmas
| episodes I thought Iâd watch the âbehind the
| scenesâ programme âDoctor Who Confidentialâ.
| During one segment where they discuss the
| set used in the Christmas episode I spotted
| a bunch of machines with what look like
| Ubuntu boot screens on them. If youâre in
| the UK (or have access to Freesat in Europe)
| you can see it on BBC HD at 16:55 on 3rd
| January, or on BBC Three at 04:10 on 5th
| January. according to the iplayer page.

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