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[News] GPL to the Rescue of Real Capitalists

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A capitalistâs guide to open source licensing

,----[ Quote ]
| Mattâs statement suggests, and he confirmed in 
| a follow-up, that it is harder to build a 
| community with a restrictive license. The 
| obvious argument against that statement is the 
| number of community projects based around GPL 
| code: the Linux kernel, the GNU project, 
| Samba, Drupal, Gnome, and KDE for example.
| Clearly the GPL does not prevent vibrant 
| community development projects. The important 
| point about those projects is that they are 
| the result of true development communities, 
| however, rather than a vendor-initiated effort 
| to create a community. 


Questions to ask about open source projects

,----[ Quote ]
| # Is it good code and is it well architected?
| # Who are the founders, contributors, and 
| users?
| # What are the motivations and behavior of 
| each?
| # What is the form and governance of the 
| community?



Is Richard Stallman Mellowing?

,----[ Quote ]
| RMS being pragmatic, and accepting that not
| every company can be as idealistic as he is?
| I think I'll go and lie down for a while...


On Selling Exceptions

,----[ Quote ]
| Thus I return again to my point that the
| vocal anti-Free Software critics are either
| <strong>ignorant</strong> or
| <strong>malicious</strong>. The FSF is
| quite good at laying out its philosophy in
| great detail on its website. You don&#8217;t
| have to sign an NDA or anything.
| Â The sadly necessary disclaimer:  I&#8217;m
| not suggesting there is <strong>no</strong>
| valid criticism out there, just that people
| who play the &#8220;zealot&#8221; card,
| ridicule RMS or the FSF for
| &#8220;hypocrisy&#8221;, or enage in other
| such fact and logic-free fallacies are to be
| dismissed with scorn.

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