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Re: [News] A Look at Embedded Linux, More New Examples of Its Ubiquity

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____/ JeffM on Sunday 17 Jan 2010 19:23 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> This item doesn't seem especially apt for this group.
>>|Readers may also recall my increasing interest
>>|in the Arduino micro-controllers.
> Arduino in NOT a microcontroller;
> it is a development board / single-board computer (SBC)
> The microcontroller chip that the Arduino uses is an Atmel AVR.
>>Although the Arduino doesn't run Linux,
> ...thus the *not apt* comment.
> The complexity doesn't warrant something on the order of  Linux.
>>its development environment is easy to use
> He must be using payware tools.
> The Free Software toolchain for AVRs
> is generally considered to be clunky.
>>and particularly well suited for Linux notebooks.
> ...or you could go with an ARM architecture
> --like the sucessful folks are already doing.
> In addition, business-wise,
> Atmel always looks like they are on the edge of the abyss
> --which is a shame as it is widely admired as an architecture.

A lot of embedded Linux companies were acquired recently (Cavium, Intel, etc.). Maybe Atmel will too.

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