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[News] Linux Experimenter Finds Linux Mint, Loves It

  • Subject: [News] Linux Experimenter Finds Linux Mint, Loves It
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 11:44:32 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Trying Mint â I likes what I sees.

,----[ Quote ]
| While my initial plan for January was to 
| stick with Windows 7 and perhaps try out 
| Fedora 12, a bad DVD interrupted the Fedora 
| install progress. Out of sheer convenience, 
| Iâd planned on running Linux Mint in a VM 
| and had pulled the ISO earlier in the week. 
| âAha!â I thought. âIâll install this 
| instead of Fedora and see whatâs what.â



,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Mint 8 x86_64 (with Mintâs improved 
| GNOME desktop) recently came out. So my 
| nephew and I got together for an 
| installation fest. I didnât have much data 
| on this computer, because I had already 
| been planning for this ever since the other 
| one died in October. We did our backups, 
| then I stuck the LiveCD into his Inspiron 
| and tested out the desktop. It recognized 
| that there was a proprietary driver 
| available for his WiFi card. 


Upgrading: x64 edition, version 7 to version 8

,----[ Quote ]
| Comparison with Ubuntu:
|     * Upgrading Ubuntu is not safer than 
|     upgrading Linux Mint. Itâs equally 
|     risky.
|     * Ubuntu doesnât mention the risks 
|     involved in package and release 
|     upgrades. Their policy is to fix 
|     whatever gets broken and to assume that 
|     the regressions caused on your system 
|     will get solved by future upgrades.
|     * Linux Mint insists on these risks and 
|     recommends a prudent approach to 
|     upgrades. Our policy is to avoid 
|     possible regressions by being selective 
|     on the updates we recommend to you.
|     * Upgrading Ubuntu is easy, and easier 
|     than upgrading Linux Mint. It shouldnât 
|     be though, and if thereâs any risk 
|     involved in you braking your system, 
|     then the least we can do is to write a 
|     long boring post about it, to make you 
|     think twice about doing it, and to 
|     throw warning signs at you before you 
|     click on the shiny button :)



Mint - Linux Mint 8.0 review

,----[ Quote ]
| Everything worked, and worked well. For a home
| machine Mint has real credentials. It adapted to
| our test home network easily enough and found
| our NAS drives with no hassle. It's also
| efficient, comes with a wisely-chosen collection
| of software and achieves an admirable balance
| between power and lack of hassle. The best Mint
| yet, as you'd hope, but also a real temptation
| for Windows users looking to move across to
| Linux.


A netbook users review of Linux Mint 8

,----[ Quote ]
| Thursday evening I broke my install on my Eee PC
| 1000HE in such a way that I needed to recover
| the data from my /home partition and reinstall
| the OS. I thought that since I'm waiting for EB4
| I may as well just install another distribution
| and play.
| [...]
| Bottom line: This release is what Karmic could
| have and should have been.


Linux Mint 8 review

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the nicest features of Pardus is the
| Kaptan application. What Kaptan is is a
| first-time, welcome application that gives
| a user the opportunity to customize a fresh
| installation of the distro. It can also be
| called up at any time after installation.
| mintWelcome, Linux Mintâs welcome
| application, is an attempt at that, but it
| does not offer the same features that
| youâll find on Kaptan. In addition to the
| list of items on mintWelcome, here are
| three that Iâll love to see added:
|     * Customize your desktop
|     * Enable Network Time Protocol
|     * Enable Gufw, the graphical firewall
|     manager


Distro Review: Linux Mint 8

,----[ Quote ]
| Ease Of Installation & Use: 5/5
| Stability: 5/5
| Speed: 4/5
| Community & Documentation: 4/5
| Features: 4/5
| Overall: 5/5


Hands On with Linux Mint 8 (Helena)

,----[ Quote ]
| The recent release of a major new version of
| Ubuntu means it's time for new versions of
| various remastered distros. This time around
| it's Linux Mint 8. Linux Mint, as you may
| already know from previous releases, takes
| Ubuntu to another level by slicking it up with
| tools, multimedia codecs and more. Linux Mint 8
| makes it easy to get started with Linux even if
| you haven't run it before. Pretty much
| everything you need for your daily computing
| tasks is included in Linux Mint 8 or available
| in the Linux Mint software repository.


Linux Mint 8 Installation Visual Walk Through â VirtualBox

,----[ Quote ]
| Hereâs a walk through of the Linux Mint 8
| Helena. Youâll notice a ton of
| similarities between the installation
| process of Linux Mint 8 and the base itâs
| built from Ubuntu.


Linux Mint 8

,----[ Quote ]
| Product:      Linux Mint 8
| Web Site:     http://www.linuxmint.com/
| Price:        Free
| Pros:         Software Manager & Update Manager upgrades,
| configurable places, Upload Manager & File Uploader
| added.
| Cons:         Slightly less attractive default wallpaper, no bundled
| games, Chrome browser not available in software repositories.
| Suitable For:         Beginner, intermediate or advanced desktop
| Linux users.
| Summary:      Linux Mint 8 brings Linux Mint up to speed with Ubuntu
| 9.10 and adds some custom upgrades of its own. An excellent desktop
| distribution that any Linux user should consider using.
| Rating:       4/5


Linux Mint Helena: Câest fantastique!

,----[ Quote ]
| Having seen what the open source community
| can do to improve and support a product, I
| have to say Iâm extremely impressed with
| the work theyâve done. Just last week I
| stated that I would probably run a dual
| boot with Windows 7 as my primary system
| and Mint or Ubuntu as my secondary system.
| Well, after installing and using Helena, I
| have to say Iâm strongly considering
| sticking with Mint and possibly having
| Windows 7 as a secondary OS for
| compatibility issues. I can definitely say
| that I wasnât expecting a free operating
| system to work as well as this one does.
| Bravo.


Two other great Linux distributions: MEPIS & Mint

,----[ Quote ]
| I also like the additional utilities, the
| so-called MEPIS Assistant programs. These
| take what can sometimes be complicated
| tasks on other Linux distributions, such
| as networking and X-Windows set-up, and
| make them simple. Last, but not least,
| MEPIS has always done an outstanding job
| of using the KDE 3.5x to good effect. In
| the upcoming MEPIS 8.5, he's using the
| brand-new KDE 4.3.4 for those who like the
| KDE 4.x series. But, for those who are
| still fond of KDE 3.5, and while I finally
| warmed up to KDE 4.x I also continue to
| like KDE 3.5x, he'll continue to support
| it in the MEPIS 8.x line.


Download Linux Mint 8 for 64-Bit Platforms

,----[ Quote ]
| After the release of Linux Mint 8 back in
| November, Clement Lefebvre and the
| developers behind the Linux Mint community
| announced last evening (December 14th) the
| immediate availability for download of the
| 64-bit edition of Linux Mint 8. This version
| is exactly like the main edition of Linux
| Mint 8 but compiled for 64-bit processors,
| such as Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad
| or Athlon X2 64. Dubbed Helena, the new
| Linux Mint 8 operating system is based on
| the Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) operating
| system and it is powered by Linux kernel
| 2.6.31, X.Org 7.4 and the GNOME 2.28.1
| desktop environment.


Fluxbox CE, resurrected

,----[ Quote ]
| The Fluxbox Community Edition produced
| releases for Linux Mint 5 âElyssaâ and Linux
| Mint 6 âFeliciaâ and it became quite popular
| among Linux Mint users. But in 2009, due to
| personal circumstances Shane Joe Lazar, the
| maintainer of this edition, had to focus his
| attention elsewhere and so the Fluxbox CE
| was discontinued. During the release cycle
| for Linux Mint 7 âGloriaâ, no Fluxbox
| edition was released.
| Kendall Weaver recently stepped up from the
| community and worked on a new Fluxbox
| edition of Linux Mint. We had a conversation
| and I got the opportunity to test his
| preliminary ISOs. Today, Iâm happy to
| welcome him within the development team as
| the new maintainer of the Fluxbox Community
| Edition.


Linux Mint 8-Helena

,----[ Quote ]
| Running a Linux Mint 8 Live CD, I boot into
| an adorable Linux Mint logo thatâs animated!
| Then the splash screen really grabs my
| attention. I understand Zwopper of the Mint
| community is to âblameâ for this beautiful
| background. Nice Job!

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