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[News] Digital Guitar Runs Linux

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Misa Digital Guitar replaces strings with touchscreen

,----[ Quote ]
| The software is Linux-based and open source.


Misa Digital Guitar removes the strings, inserts a touchscreen

,----[ Quote ]
| The open-source software is Linux-powered, 
| and programmers have the ability to alter the 
| interface for specific functionalities.



5 Essential Linux Apps for Guitarists

,----[ Quote ]
| For many, the first thing youâll want is a
| place to write, store, and play tabs or
| notation. Many Windows users enjoy PowerTab
| and Guitar Pro, each with their own collection
| of downloadable tabs. For Linux, weâve got
| TuxGuitar. Itâs a very similar program, gives
| almost all of the same features, and best of
| all itâs compatible with Guitar Pro tabs.


Introducing Guitarix

,----[ Quote ]
| At this stage in its development Guitarix has almost no user-level
| documentation. The source package includes a README that explains the program
| in some detail, and Hermann Meyer has written a good introduction to using
| jconv in Guitarix. A discussion forum exists but traffic is light. The
| program also needs a demonstrative bank of presets. Fortunately the program
| is easy to learn through its use. Experiment, make new presets, save them,
| and tell the rest of us about them.


World's first open source stompbox arrives

,----[ Quote ]
| A stompbox claiming to be "the world's first open source digital guitar
| effects pedal" is now shipping, after over a year of development. The pedal,
| the OpenStomp Coyote-1, allows users to create their own effects by writing
| programs for the pedal's operating system, and uploading them to the device
| via USB.



Rakarrack: Guitar FX For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux-based guitar effects processors haven't exactly been flourishing
| recently. Until recently, the guitar FX processors page at linux-sound.org
| listed twelve projects, of which the most recent maintenance date is 2006.
| Clearly, not a flourishing domain for Linux audio developers. Not that Linux
| lacks realtime effects processing capabilities: Pd can be pressed into any
| audio service imaginable, the JACK Rack can be configured for LADSPA-based
| effects, but they are not organized and optimized specifically for
| guitarists. However, a thirteenth entry has joined the collection at
| linux-sound.org, and this entry is most definitely organized, optimized, and
| intended for guitarists.

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