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[News] A Look at GNOME Shell (Core of GNOME 3)

  • Subject: [News] A Look at GNOME Shell (Core of GNOME 3)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 03:01:45 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Gnome Shell - One desktop to bind them all 

,----[ Quote ]
| Gnome Shell is the future window manager for 
| UNIX-like operating systems running the Gnome 
| desktop environment. It is slated to be part 
| of the Gnome 3.0, which will probably be 
| released sometime next year. However, this 
| does not mean you cannot try Gnome Shell now 
| and get the first impression of what it ought 
| to be. 
| [...]
| Gnome Shell is a handsome beast, there's no 
| disputing that. In fact, I don't think anyone 
| will argue the good looks, the blend of 
| colors, the smooth integrations. Even old 
| times like me have to cede that. 



New Preview Releases Of Mutter, GNOME Shell

,----[ Quote ]
| While carrying the "2.28" tag, these releases of
| Mutter and GNOME Shell are only to serve as previews
| with their code still undergoing very active
| development. The stable releases will not come until
| GNOME 3.0, which will come next March.


First impressions of gnome-shell

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm quite conservative with my desktop usually, I like
| the default Ubuntu configuration and know it well. That
| said Iâm enjoying using gnome-shell and intend to use it
| for a while at least. Iâm looking forward to it
| evolving, including new concepts and growing more
| popular. The negatives Iâve noticed I think are mostly
| down to lack of time. Iâm not sure if itâs going to be
| âreadyâ for the targeted date of next March and am not
| sure that it should be â thereâs plenty more to
| prototype.


A New Development Release Of GNOME Shell

,----[ Quote ]
| GNOME 3.0 will not be rolling out until the first half of 2010, but work is
| already underway on this major GNOME update that is the first to bring some
| radical changes in a long time. One of the major components of GNOME 3.0 is
| the GNOME Shell. The GNOME Shell will begin handling some of the
| responsibilities that previously was done by the window manager and GNOME
| Panel in GNOME 2.xx while offering a modern graphics experience.

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