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[News] KDE 4.4 Preview, "Key Quests"

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A Preview of KDE 4.4

,----[ Quote ]
| I saved the best for last. I have long 
| believed that applications like 
| OpenOffice.org should have support for 
| tabbed word processing. It just makes 
| sense. Why should tabs be limited to web 
| browsers or file managers? With KDE, you 
| no longer have to wait on individual 
| application developers. The KWin window 
| manager itself supports tabbing.
| Simply right click on a windowâs title bar 
| and select âMove to window groupâ. Then, 
| select the window you want to group with 
| it. Almost like magic, the two windows 
| will become one, and there will be two or 
| more tabs in the title bar. But this 
| feature is not only limited within 
| applications. You can group any 
| application with any other. You could 
| group a Firefox window with a Konqueror 
| one and compare website rendering, which 
| is useful for web design. KDEâs window 
| specific features also now give you the 
| ability to set how you want new windows of 
| an application to group. For example, my 
| OpenOffice.org documents now automatically 
| open in new tabs rather than new windows.


key quest: nepomuk

,----[ Quote ]
| Nepomuk, the "social-semantic desktop" 
| framework named with a cute half-dragon 
| namesake. It's an amazing set of 
| technologies, but there are two huge 
| challenges for it in 2010. If we conquer 
| those challenges together, we will be 
| laughing.


key quest: mobilizing and enabling KDE users

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE has added new dimensions to our 
| repertoire over the last few years. A move 
| towards greater awareness that we are part 
| of a larger free culture movement that has 
| taken hold in various ways and form around 
| the world is one such shift. It hasn't 
| changed what we do (create client-side 
| software with all the trimmings) but it 
| has changed some of how we do it and what 
| we include in our software.



Software Compilation 4.4 RC1 Release Announcement

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, KDE has released the first release
| candidate of the next version of the KDE
| Software Compilation (KDE SC). KDE SC 4.4
| Release Candidate 1 provides a testing
| base for identifying bugs in the upcoming
| KDE Software Compilation 4.4, with its
| components the KDE Plasma Workspaces, the
| Applications powered by KDE, and the KDE
| Development Platform.


KDE SC 4.4 branched, trunk reopens

,----[ Quote ]
| So tonight, release-team-hero Dirk has
| branched off KDE SC 4.4 from trunk. Let
| quickly explain what this means. Trunk/ is
| a directory in KDEâs SVN repository, the
| central place holding where all the code
| from different contributors spread across
| our planet comes together. In a big team
| like KDE, we need some coordination to be
| actually able to release our software
| packages once in a while. Since the release
| of KDE 4.0.0, a typical KDE release cycle
| takes 6 months. Roughly 4 months of
| development, followed by about 2 months of
| stabilization and testing towards a
| release. In the stabilization period, which
| starts with the feature and string freeze,
| only bugfixes and code improvements are
| allowed. This is also the period where we
| release regular test releases, in our case
| a beta1, right after the feature freeze,
| and a second beta (happened shortly before
| christmas). The next test release is coming
| soon, which is -rc1.

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