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[News] Update on i4i Versus Microsoft, Microsoft-funded Patent Parasite Blackboard Flees Case

  • Subject: [News] Update on i4i Versus Microsoft, Microsoft-funded Patent Parasite Blackboard Flees Case
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 03:57:38 +0000
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Patent Litigation Weekly: So What Do E.D. Texas Jurors Really Think?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft isnât giving up the court fight 
| over the patent at issue just yet. On 
| Friday, the companyâs legal team, led by 
| Matthew Powers of Weil, Gotshal & Manges, 
| filed a petition with the Federal Circuit 
| asking for a rehearing en banc. Powers 
| didn't return calls for this story. 
| Earlier coverage on i4i's trial win, post-
| trial action, and Federal Circuit win is 
| available from the AmLaw Litigation Daily.


Head of Microsoft-beating i4i explains next moves in XML lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| The chairman of the company that has won 
| an injunction preventing Microsoft from 
| selling Word 2007 because of patent 
| infringement says he will not license the 
| technology to the company â and has not 
| ruled out going after any other products 
| that infringe its XML patent.


Blackboard v. Desire2Learn Is Over

,----[ Quote ]
| All lawsuits have been dropped by both sides. 
| The companies will cross-license each othersâ 
| patent portfolios under undisclosed terms, 
| which gives both companies an opportunity to 
| save face. After three and a half years, 
| higher education can move on. Left unresolved 
| is the larger question of the role of patents 
| in higher education, but that is at least as 
| much a question for the universities as it is 
| for the vendors.


Opinion No. 19: Official Acknowledgement by the Commission 



How to sue Microsoft - and win

,----[ Quote ]
| Prepare your case. When it comes to taking
| on a company the size and stature of
| Microsoft, don't expect legal eagles to
| bang down your door.
| Instead, Owen says, "we assembled the
| [patent infringement] claim, the
| background and the history in an
| extraordinarily detailed, analytical way.
| We prepared the case as best we could
| independently before meeting with leading
| counsel and luminaries in the industry."
| Don't lose track of your day job. A much-
| ballyhooed, two-year legal battle against
| Microsoft can significantly distract
| employees and completely consume a
| company's top brass.


Taking On the Big Boys

,----[ Quote ]
| Donât call OPTi Inc. CEO Bernie Marren a
| âpatent troll.â


OPTi Shows: When You Can't Compete In The Market, You Sue For Patent Infringement

,----[ Quote ]
| Reader BakaYaro points us to this article
| about OPTi, the company that recently won a
| $21.7 million patent ruling against Apple,
| where the company's CEO insists it's not a
| patent troll because it's only suing over
| patents that it got itself. It seems that
| Bernie Marren is trying to redefine what a
| "patent troll" is to mean just someone who
| buys patents and sues. But the real story
| shows that OPTi is yet another example of
| patents harming, not helping, innovation. The
| company used to produce products, but other
| companies eventually caught up, and OPTi
| couldn't compete.




i4i tells its side of the story: Microsoft ruined our business


Another Reason To Use ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| Fast forward to today, and we learn that a company called i4i has won a
| lawsuit against Microsoft because Microsoft's use of XML -- including
| OOXML -- infringes an i4i patent. Microsoft has to pay i4i $290 million, and
| stop selling Word 2003 and Word 2007. Presumably, any product supporting
| OOXML will need to pay royalties to i4i.
| Meanwhile, ODF does not violate the i4i patent. (i4i has "looked at
| OpenOffice and found it doesn't infringe on its patents." OpenOffice uses
| ODF.)
| If you want your documents to be widely accessible, and remain accessible,
| you should use Open Document Format.

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