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Re: Discounts damage for Microsoft Windows 7 PC boost?

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____/ nessuno on Saturday 16 Jan 2010 20:09 : \____

> <Quote>
> Unfortunately for Microsoft, while growth in the PC market might
> translate into healthy sales, profits are another mater. And judging
> by the results of the last thee months, there's uncertainty over just
> how well Windows 7 will excite PC buyers and continue to sell....
> Netbooks in particular have during the last few years actually hurt
> Microsoft's profits....The surge in sales of netbooks means these low-
> priced machines could continue to hurt Microsoft during the second
> quarter.
> The profits pain, though, will have been exacerbated across the board
> by Microsoft's own actions. The company has been on a course of
> aggressive price discounting to grow market share...This might work,
> but Microsoft needs that volume to really kick in.
> But complications exist that could hurt the strategy. Microsoft's
> offered upgrades to Home Premium at $79 under its Microsoft's Windows
> Anytime Upgrade, and when it comes to students, the company's
> virtually paying the customer...
> As any retailer knows, sales are one thing profits are another so
> it'll be interesting to see how far Microsoft's discounting produced
> the volume needed to translate into profit.
> ...there's also sobering news for the long-term demand for Windows 7.
> It seemed consumers were immune to Microsoft's advertising on the
> operating system and focused purely on price of the PC.
> Gartner's Kitagawa noted Windows 7 had not created additional demand
> for PCs in the last three months. The picture was the same in Europe,
> where client computing market group principal analyst Ranjit Atwal
> categorized the impact of Windows 7 on PC sales as "minimal"....
> That fact Windows 7 had little to no impact on PC sales and buying
> habits could have import ramifications: It could mean that if
> consumers are still buying netbooks running Windows XP instead of
> Windows 7 then Microsoft and PC makers may need to keep offering and
> supporting Windows XP longer than they'd planned. Don't forget:
> Windows XP on netbooks means Microsoft makes less money than Windows 7
> in general or a copy of Ultimate....
> </Quote>
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/01/16/windows_7_profits/

It was a poor seller. It was a giveaway.

[03:47] <Eruaran> Microsoft has discontinued XP Pro but technically business 
customers can still use it
[03:47] <Eruaran> They are artificially inflating Windows 7 numbers by forcing 
people to buy Windows 7
[03:48] <Eruaran> One of your business clients today needed to upgrade from 
Windows 2000 to XPP because of lack of driver support on newer hardware
[03:49] <FurnaceBoy> Eruaran: yep, same trick applied to vista figures.
[03:49] <Eruaran> According to Microsoft, if they buy Windows 7 Professional 
they can use one of their Windows XP Profesionally license keys to install XP on 
that system, then call Microsoft to tell them that they bought W7Pro and they 
are ok with that.
[03:50] <Eruaran> Windows 7 never gets installed, Windows XP does, but they have 
to buy a Windows 7 license.
[03:50] [Notice] -BNtwitter to #boycottnovell- [thistleweb] My point is to 
figure how where the line is drawn, between a world of only-free, & rejecting 
all non-free, & how you expect to entice others
[03:52] [Notice] -BNtwitter to #boycottnovell- [thistleweb] if a line to allow 
some non-free, with some form of compromise, then the "you must use only free" 
argument is hollow & hypocritical
[03:53] <Eruaran> Microsoft is promoting the idea that 'business is embracing 
Windows 7', but its a complete crock.


[04:00] <DaemonFC> they've gotten my bill wrong so many times that I've lost 
[04:04] <oiaohm> Eruaran: MS forget to tell people.  That enties like charities 
got free upgrades for Vista to Windows 7 in there usable licence keys and can 
isntall back to windows 2000 under that licence.
[04:04] <oiaohm> Yet everyone else is expect to pay for upgrades.
[04:04] <DaemonFC> I'd rather be using Windows 2000
[04:05] <DaemonFC> at least it's relatively fast and stable
[04:05] <oiaohm> Drivers become a issue these days.


[04:06] <oiaohm> No new issued keys.  By the roll.
[04:07] <oiaohm> Each roll is 10 000 keys.
[04:07] <oiaohm> So far they have not got threw the first roll.
[04:08] --> johnboy_ has joined this channel (i=45e5e069@gateway/web/freenode/x-
[04:08] <oiaohm> They are looking forward to MS putting XP under the depreacted 
OS list.

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