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[News] Open Access Wins at Open Universities

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EU: Open Universities open source master published first two books 

,----[ Quote ]
| The first two course books have just been 
| published online for what is intended to 
| become a university master programme on 
| free and open source software and open 
| standards.
| The online master programme, Free 
| Technology Academy (FTA) is organised by 
| the University of Agder in Norway and two 
| of Europe's open universities, the 
| Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Spain 
| and the Open Universiteit in the 
| Netherlands. Coordination is handled by the 
| Free Knowledge Institute, based in the 
| Netherlands.


Open data in France: the state of play

,----[ Quote ]
| Like in many countries, the first steps 
| into open data came from the research and 
| the Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) 
| communities. WikiMedia France and 
| OpenStreetMap.fr are probably the most 
| popular open knowledge projects in France. 
| Early websites like Mon-Depute.fr â a vote 
| monitoring project created by an archivist 
| â or droit.org â a very active project from 
| lâEcole des Mines on legal publication â 
| helped a lot to make democratic data 
| available. Our work at Regards Citoyens on 
| parliamentary activity with NosDÃputÃs.fr 
| and on electoral data is a new step for 
| French open data for democracy and civil 
| society.



Obama Administration Considers More Public Access To Publicly Funded Research

,----[ Quote ]
| The good news is that it looks like the Obama
| administration is looking to go in the other
| direction. The EFF points us to the news that
| the Office of Science and Technology Policy
| (OSTP) is looking at ways to have this
| requirement go beyond just NIH and require
| public access for all federally funded
| research, including from organizations like
| the National Science Foundation (NSF). OSTP is
| asking for comments and input on the idea --
| and it's an idea that makes a ton of sense. It
| seems likely that journal publishers will
| protest, but hopefully common sense will
| prevail and federally funded research will
| become open, accessible and available to
| everyone.

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