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[News] [Rival] NHS Under Regular Attacks Due to Internet Explorer

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] NHS Under Regular Attacks Due to Internet Explorer
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 06:26:55 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Why the NHS can't get its browser act together

,----[ Quote ]
| Don't worry, said Microsoft a few days ago: 
| the zero-day vulnerability that Chinese 
| hackers exploited to infiltrate Google's 
| network only affects Internet Explorer 6 
| (released in 2000) running on Windows XP 
| (released in 2001).
| The implication being that nobody uses that 
| still, do they? Ed Bott, who has forgotten 
| more about Microsoft than many people know, 
| says in a vehement blogpost at ZDNet that:
|     "Any IT professional who is still 
|     allowing IE6 to be used in a corporate 
|     setting is guilty of malpractice. Think 
|     that judgment is too harsh? Ask the 
|     security experts at Google, Adobe, and 
|     dozens of other large corporations that 
|     are cleaning up the mess from a wave of 
|     targeted attacks that allowed source code 
|     and confidential data to fall into the 
|     hands of well-organized intruders. The 
|     entry point? According to Microsoft, it's 
|     IE6."


Researchers up ante, create exploits for IE7, IE8


Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities Discovered by Experts in Microsoftâs IE 

,----[ Quote ]
| A renowned security research company has 
| revealed that it has managed to discover yet 
| another set to vulnerabilities in Internet 
| Explorer, Microsoft's web browser, a mere day 
| after the company patched the browser after a 
| high-profile and highly-publicized attack on 
| Google in China.



NHS spend on IT - How would you make savings?

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's another thought. If you were to put a
| Linux-based operating system on the 800,000
| or so workstations now in the NHS and some
| FOSS productivity software such as
| OpenOffice, which incidentally will interface
| with more professional database server
| systems than many proprietary packages, how
| much would that cost (other than the man-
| hours for the installs)? Zilch. Zippo. FA.
| What if the NHS were to donate 1 GBP for each
| machine to the Linux distribution developers
| of their chosen O/S, and 1 GBP towards each
| OpenOffice installation? That would cost
| Â1,600,000 or less than a third of one
| percent of the existing discounted Microsoft
| licensing. That relatively small donation
| would also ensure some future development of
| features needed by NHS staff in their chosen
| software.


Troubled Â12bn NHS IT system to be scaled back

,----[ Quote ]
| The government is to scale back its Â12bn NHS
| IT system in what the Tories are calling a
| "massive U-turn".
| Chancellor Alistair Darling said he would be
| delaying parts of the scheme in Wednesday's
| pre-Budget Report as it was "not essential to
| the frontline".

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