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[News] [Rival] Microsoft to Pay Fines for More Crimes

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Microsoft to Pay Fines for More Crimes
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 06:39:22 +0000
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Schoolsâ Technology To Be Funded By Microsoft Settlement

,----[ Quote ]
| All four Palo Alto County schools join more than 1,000 
| other Iowa schools in reaping the benefits of a class-
| action lawsuit settlement. The Iowa School Microsoft 
| Settlement program is the result of the 2007 
| settlement of a class-action lawsuit brought by Iowa 
| consumers and businesses against Microsoft software.
| According to the settlement, Iowa schools would 
| receive a portion of the funds not claimed by 
| consumers, which amounts to more than $60 million. The 
| funds will be distributed through vouchers for the 
| purchase of new technology. Approximately 75-percent 
| of Iowaâs public schools are eligible to participate 
| in the program, based on their free and reduced lunch 
| rates.


Microsoft settlement heads to Burlington

,----[ Quote ]
| Burlington will receive $722,000 from a settlement 
| with Microsoft Corp., according to school 
| Superintendent Lee Morrision.
| The money is part of a nearly $180 million settlement 
| in a anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft in 2007. The 
| suit accused Microsoft of overcharging Iowa consumers 
| and businesses for certain products. The settlement 
| will bring an estimated $60 million to Iowa schools to 
| buy new technology.
| [...]
| If Iowa's application is rejected, however, state 
| officials will apply for the grant's second round in 
| June.


RealNetworks' Founder to Step Down

,----[ Quote ]
| Real once provided the industry leading streaming 
| media player, until Microsoft entered the market. The 
| outspoken Glaser famously butted heads with Microsoft, 
| testifying during a U.S. Senate hearing investigating 
| the software giant's business practices. Glaser argued 
| that Microsoft's media player purposely disabled the 
| RealPlayer software when both products were installed 
| on the same computer.
| Real also sued Microsoft for anti-competitive behavior 
| following Microsoft's settlement of the U.S. 
| Department of Justice antitrust case. 


RealNetworks CEO To Step Down 

,----[ Quote ]
| A pugnacious but innovative executive, Glaser battled 
| Microsoft, his former employer, as he pushed digital 
| audio and video technology products to the Internet. 
| Already a wealthy man from his days as an early 
| Microsoft employee, Glaser later tangled with 
| Microsoft and won a huge $700 million-plus settlement 
| from the software colossus in 2005.

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