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[News] Free Software Helps Defeat Tyranny

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Top 10 technologies to beat tyranny

,----[ Quote ]
| Shaun Nichols: When people like Richard 
| Stallman and Linus Torvalds created the pillars 
| of the open-source software movement, they did 
| so with the fundamental belief that software 
| and digital data should be open and accessible 
| to all users. This is, of course, quite 
| conflicting with the basic tenants of 
| tyrannical rule.
| One of the great things about open-source 
| software is that it can be opened up and 
| tinkered with by just about anyone who wants 
| to. Additionally, open-source tools and 
| applications can be more or less shared freely 
| on the web. This allows people who may 
| otherwise not have access to the resources to 
| both use the software and learn how to build 
| and tinker with it themselves.

Maven gets more restrictive

,----[ Quote ]
| Until recently Maven allowed for two ways to 
| upload an open source project to the central 
| repository. One could file a request for a 
| manual addition which would take forever to get 
| fixed (the last time a batch of manual requests 
| was processed happened two months ago) or, 
| alternatively, one could setup an rsync 
| repository and request an auto-sync -- which 
| was the preferred way. The auto-sync procedure 
| was covered in this blog entry by Torsten Cudt.



U.S. To Costa Rica: No Sugar Access Without Copyright Reform

,----[ Quote ]
| Reports from Costa Rica indicate that final
| approval of the Central American Free Trade
| Agreement with the United States is
| languishing in the Legislative Assembly due
| to concerns over the copyright provisions.
| The CAFTA copyright provisions are similar
| to those found in the other major U.S.
| trade agreements concluded in recent years:
| DMCA-style protections, ISP liability, and
| copyright term extension are all part of
| the package.

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