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[News] Farmington Libraries Decide to Adopt Free/Open Source Software

  • Subject: [News] Farmington Libraries Decide to Adopt Free/Open Source Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 11:04:10 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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ByWater Solutions Partners with the Farmington Libraries for Koha Installation and Support 

,----[ Quote ]
| ByWater Solutions, an open source community 
| supporter and official Koha support company, 
| announced today that The Farmington Libraries, 
| of Farmington, CT. has partnered with them for 
| the implementation of the open source community 
| version of the Koha integrated library system. 


Moving forward in Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| In other words, the judgments should come from 
| the mind, and not the heart. Your heart should 
| be put into improving the Open Source 
| application. That will certainly help Open 
| Source grow.



Koha Optimistic That Forked Tree -- And Troubles -- Are History

,----[ Quote ]
| Koha developers, contributors, and users
| might sum up the past year with a bastardized
| comic book tag line: "With great adoption
| comes great growing pains." Many now,
| however, hope the worst of it is ready to be
| shelved away.
| Koha, incidentally, was my first introduction
| to how great the open source developer
| community is. I was installing it on my home
| machine -- to see how it stacked up, and to
| file away for a later date when licenses were
| begging for renewal. While I wasn't someone
| with much say in renewing proprietary
| licenses on the consortia level, I was very
| impressed with how Koha worked. I was more
| impressed, however, when I pondered aloud on
| my personal site why I was having such a
| problem with a Perl script, that then-release
| manager Chris Cormack left a suggestion in my
| comments as to where things were going wrong.


Another Microsoft horror story, the Huntington Indiana public library

,----[ Quote ]
| The library in Marion, Indiana, just 15 miles or so south of me, uses Linux. Not only do
| they use Linux, they use a distribution based on the free Fedora Linux called Userful
| Discoverstation which uses terminal multiplexing. This allows one tower to power 10
| workstations with their own monitors, keyboards, and mice. This is not only much better
| for the environment than having 10 boxes running their own copy of the OS, it saves on
| the electric bill, and they donât have to buy licenses from Microsoft. (You could set up
| a free Linux distro to get the same effect, Userful just makes it easier).


British Library Turns Traitor

,----[ Quote ]
| This once-great institution used to be about opening up the world's knowledge
| for the benefit and enjoyment of all: today, it's about closing it down so
| that only those who can afford to pay get to see it.
| What an utter disgrace.


British Library fears loss of history

,----[ Quote ]
| Lynne Brindley, director of the British Library, said that data and
| information on our time that has been entrusted to the web is being lost as
| some sites close or the technology they have stored the information on
| becomes obsolete.



No need to burn books you can't read - DRM and public libraries

,----[ Quote ]
| As my correspondent says: "After all that I still couldn't open the document
| (which I've only opened once before) and got this. Now I know I haven't
| opened the document at another computer because this is my only computer with
| a printer - so I didn't open it anywhere else. I am never using this service
| again. The British Library, Microsoft and Adobe can go shove their DRM up
| their document delivery service exit. "
| This, let me reiterate, is a public body providing publicly paid-for research
| to a highly-qualified professional engaged in impeccable work for the public
| service.
| It is hard to imagine something more expensive, condescending, inaccurate,
| frustrating and enraging â nor something better calculated to restrict
| knowledge and broadcast ignorance.
| It's almost as if the parties involved actively want to prevent people
| learning. It certainly feels that way.


BL = Betrayed Library

,----[ Quote ]
| So the BL's idea of progress is locking down books - you know, those
| old-fashioned things without DRM - with patent-encumbered technology.
| That's "giving as wide an audience as possible the most accurate experience
| of reading the real thing"? Only in the minds of rather dim librarians who
| understand nothing about the broader implications of the shiny technology
| they choose. Me, I call it a betrayal of everything the once-great BL stood
| for....


Good bye, British Library

,----[ Quote ]
| This is an image from the good old days. Microsoft's Jean Paoli hands over
| the OOXML specification to Jan van den Beld, the general secretary of ECMA.
| And you find Adam Farquhar from the British Library, the bearded person on
| the right. The British Library was instrumental to legitimizing the whole
| ECMA and ISO OOXML standardisation process as an 'independent' participant in
| the committee work. ECMA did a brilliant job to mature the specification text
| to get it ISO fast-tracked. Or as the ISO BRM convenor and recent consultant
| for the British Library Alex Brown reflects1:
|     Ecma made the road very rocky though, by initially producing a text that
|     was so lousy with faults.


Ecma - a case study for vendor capture

,----[ Quote ]
| A small network of people of ECMA International dominated the whole ISO
| process around OOXML while technical experts of national ISO members were
| impeded by committee stuffing, rules bending and political intervention and
| the general restrictions of the revamped ISO/IEC fast-track process.
| [...]
| On the right you find a picture of Jan van den Beld, back then general
| secretary of ECMA international who received the 2000 pages from Microsoft
| represented by its employee Jean Paoli (center). Jean Paoli is probably best
| known for taking the Microsoft credit for the standardization of XML. The
| other person with the beard is Adam Farquhar from the British Library, chair
| of ECMA TC 45. You also find the picture on the right in Adam Farquhar's May
| 07 presentation which advocates for OOXML.

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