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Re: full-scale Windows on mobile phones?!!

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____/ Fritz Wuehler on Monday 25 Jan 2010 07:03 : \____

> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/01/24/microsoft_windows_mobile_sinofs
> ky/
> The Windows Mobile division is being absorbed by the Windows division
> and I'm wondering if the Softies are thinking about one-Windows-to-rule-
> them-all kind of thing, i.e. the same Windows running on the desktop
> may eventually run on your mobile phone as well. Since Linux has been
> doing this for ages, this may not seem so farfetched. Aided by the fact
> that Intel is trying to move into the mobile space with x86 processors
> (folly if you ask me, they stand as much chance as a snowman in hell)
> the reality of full-scale Windows 7, with all its warts, running on a
> mobile phone may someday become reality.
> I personally think this is utter madness. Windows is not Linux and
> trying to get desktop-Windows (albeit slimmed down) running on a mobile
> phone seems like a shortcut to hell to me. Windows is one big wart
> containing thousands of hacks to maintain compatibility and is
> therefore completely unreliable. I recently read a post about some
> Microsoft researcher who had constructed software to repair the Windows
> heap on the fly to keep the thing from failling over and crashing in
> flames. Madness, I say! And they want this piece of crap running on a
> mobile phone?!! WHAHAHAHAHA!!

This is based on speculation /alone/ and Microsoft has nothing to lose because it's
quickly approaching 0% market share in mobile anyway.

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theyâre holding up a software box produced by 100 guys in the hills 
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